The 15 Best Whistling Tea Kettles To Alert You When The Water Is Boiled For Your Tea

Do you have to monitor if the water is boiled or not continuously? Regular kettles are not designed to alert you when the water is ready. Either you have to stand beside the stove and wait or come and check it continuously. A whistling kettle notifies as soon as the water is boiled and prevents the water from over boiling.

Moreover, for fast boiling, the kettle needs to be constructed with high heat-conducting materials. The spout cover should be easy to open without burning your hands. The best whistling kettle should have a comfortable handle, easy pouring spout, and audible sound to let you know that the water is ready.

List of The 15 Best Whistling Kettles

1. Mr. Coffee Whistling Tea Kettle 

Mr. Coffee Whistling Tea Kettle


The whistling tea kettle from Mr. Coffee is made of stainless steel. The exterior is brushed with satin and has a mirror base. You can make tea or boil water on it easily. The body of the kettle is marked with the max point to fill water in it.

Moreover, it has a lid with an easy-grip handle. The brand recommends hand washing the kettle. It has an aesthetic look that gives a distinctive look to your kitchen. 

Stay-cool handles

The handle is vital on a kettle to move it from place to place. Bakelite used for the construction of the pan keeps the handle cool on the flames. You can grab the handle and move the kettle from the stove to pour the water from it.

Whistle of the kettle

The whistle blows when the water has been boiled. The sound is not intense and alerts you to remove the kettle as soon as it stops blowing. 

Pour spout

The water pours out of the spout without spilling. The spout also comes with a cover that is open with a single press. The cover of the button is in a button design that is easy to operate and keeps the water hot for long.

2. POLIVIAR 7379 Whistling Kettle 

POLIVIAR 7379 Whistling Kettle


The whistling kettle is constructed with food-grade 18/8 stainless steel that gives an excellent performance. The colour combination of the handle and kettle complements each other. Moreover, it has an 8 inches base which heats up quickly. The kettle can hold 2.7 quarts of water that can serve a meeting of a small group. For maintenance, you have to hand wash the kettle for durable use. The kettle is electroplated and prevents rust and corrosion.  

Heat sources

This kettle can be used on an induction stove. Also, you can use the kettle on gas, electric, halogen, and radiant cooktops. It has a stainless base that makes it compatible with all types of stovetops. Furthermore, the lid seals itself on the kettle to increase the efficiency of boiling the water. 

Loud whistle

The whistle of the kettle is loud that making it audible around plenty of noises. You will get an alert when the water is properly boiled to use for making tea or hot cocoa. You will be able to hear the sound from another room.  

Anti heat handle

The handle is made from silicone which keeps the handle cool to grip. There is less possibility to burn your hands to pick the kettle from the stove. A simple touch button is given on the handle to open the cover from the pour spout.

3. SUSTEAS Whistling Tea Kettle 

SUSTEAS Whistling Tea Kettle

Innovative construction 

The exterior of the tea kettle is made of stainless steel and comes in a combination of black and golden. The surgical grade stainless steel on the interior protects from any rust or corrosion. The kettle has a three-layer base for fast and better heating. .58 mm thickness of the kettle gives a long term service and prevents any leakage of water. 

Cool handle

An ergonomically designed handle provides a nice and soft grip. The handle on the kettle stays cool and refrains from burning your hand. It has a simple push button to open the cover of the spout. 

Audible whistling sound

The kettle blows when the water starts boiling. The sound is audible from another room. The max waterline for whistling is adding up to 2.6 litres. Water will overflow if the kettle is filled above the maximum line. The water can be filled on the kettle in two ways, through the lid or through the pour spout. 

Stovetop compatibility

The iron layer at the core of the base makes it suitable to use on the induction stove. Gas, electric, halogen, radiant stovetops are also compatible with this whistling kettle. Heat is dispersed evenly and heats up the water quickly.

4. Café brew collection Whistling Tea Kettle 

Café brew collection Whistling Tea Kettle


This is a glass made whistling kettle made for boiling water. The pitcher is made of BPA free glass and safe to use on the flames. You need to fill a minimum of 24 ounces to put the kettle on the flames. Moreover, prevent filling over the maximum quantity of 48 ounces; otherwise, the water will spill on the stovetop. It has a nice ergonomic handle to grab the kettle to remove from the stove.

Whistling sound

When the water reaches the boiling point, the kettle whistles to indicate that it is ready to serve. It is essential to remove the kettle off the cooktop as you hear the sound. The sound is loud enough to hear from a long distance. 

Compatible stovetops

Compatible with gas, electric and glass stovetops, you need to use the kettle with care. However, the kettle cannot be used on an induction stove as it does not have a magnetic base. Moreover, this kettle should not be used on the fireplace, barbeque grill or in the oven.  


The whistling kettle can be washed on the dishwasher, but you need to put it on the top rack. You should remove the kettle as soon the water is boiled as the glass will be damaged. The glass kettle should not be scrubbed with abrasive pads or cleaner but wash it with a sponge or nylon cloths.

5. Ecty Whistling Tea Kettle 

Ecty Whistling Tea Kettle

Sturdy built

This stainless steel whistling kettle has a shiny, exquisite look. The mirror finish helps to keep the kettle shiny. The kettle withstands any kinds of dents or scratches on the body. You have to hand wash the kettle with mild soap water with a soft sponge.  

Easy pour

You can pour the hot water through the pour spout without spilling. The cover is easy to remove with a simple push on the latch. The kettle is fillable through the pour spout or through the lid. 

Pleasant whistle

The kettle whistles as soon as the water starts to boil. Due to stainless steel, the heat is dispersed quickly on the kettle. The material helps the boiling process faster and lets you enjoy hot tea or hot cocoa in little time. 

Ergonomic handle

The kettle can boil 2 litres of water at the same time. You can pick up the hot kettle with your bare hands because the handle stays cool. The handle gives a strong and comfortable grip for pouring hot water into cups or mugs.

6. Cuisinart Whistling Kettle 

Cuisinart Whistling Kettle

Durable construction

This dome-shaped whistling kettle is made of stainless steel. It has a polished exterior that gives a shiny appearance. Moreover, the kettle comes in three colours silver, red and metallic copper. The kettle is capable of holding 2 quarts of water easily. Make sure not to overfill the kettle with water, or water will overflow.

Boiling whistle

When the water has reached the boiling point, you can hear the sound of a whistle loud and clear. Remove the kettle from the stove as soon as you hear the whistle. 

Ergonomic handle

The kettle has a stay-cool handle for a comfortable grip. An ergonomically designed handle won't slip off your hand. The push-button on the handle makes it easier to access for opening the lid of the handle.

7. Venoly Whistling Tea Kettle 

Venoly Whistling Tea Kettle


Constructed with 18/10 culinary grade stainless steel, the kettle does not rust easily. 5 layer mold process technology in building the kettle makes it sturdier. The kettle can withstand any kind of dents or scratches. You will find the kettle in black, red and silver colour. 

Automatic whistle

This kettle, with a capacity of 2.5 litres, heats quicker. The kettle automatically whistles when the water has reached the boiling point. The whistle is audible from another room, alerting you to turn off the stove in case you forget about the kettle. 

Cool-touch handle 

The ergonomically designed handle provides a nice grip. The handle has a non-slip design. However, the cover of the spout is far from the fingers and needs to open manually. 

8. OXO Whistling Tea Kettle 

OXO Whistling Tea Kettle

Premium construction

The Oxo whistling kettle is made of brushed stainless steel to prevent rust. The exterior of the kettle is polished to make it look appealing. The lid comes in stainless steel as well. The capacity of this kettle is 1.7 quarts. Quick heating is possible because of the stainless steel construction.

Audible whistling 

The kettle gives a loud whistle as a signal that the water is ready. You do not have to wait in front of the stove till the water is boiled. 

Ergonomic handle

The handle has silicone touch points to keep the handles cool. The cover of the spout has silicone to open it pour the hot water. The handles are safe and prevent any kind of burning.

9. Amfocus Whistling Tea Kettle 

Amfocus Whistling Tea Kettle

Specially Crafted kettle

Food-grade stainless steel used in the construction of the kettle gives a shiny exterior. The mirror finish on the outside helps to clean the kettle without much scrubbing. The 18/8 stainless steel protects the kettle from rust or corrosion. It has a thin base for fast and even heating. 

Moreover, the kettle can heat 2 liters of water at the same time. The maximum level is easily visible on the kettle to prevent overfilling it. 

Ergonomic handle

The ergonomic handle gives a comfortable grip on the kettle. It will not slip off your hands while pouring the water from the kettle. Moreover, make sure to keep the handle in an upright position while heating the water on the stovetop. Otherwise, the handle will be hot from the body of the kettle. Specially Crafted Teapot

Automatic whistle

The whistle is loud as like greater than 60 decibels. You can hear the whistle if your kitchen is far away from your bedroom. The kettle has an airtight spout cover to protect it from dust. This elegant spout pours water without spilling or dripping on the countertop. 

Induction stove compatible

The whistling kettle is compatible with all types of stovetops. It has a magnetic ring bottom which helps to cook on the induction stove. Also, the proper thickness of the base heats the water quicker.

10. Primula Whistling Tea Kettle 

Primula Whistling Tea Kettle

Premium built

This is a stainless steel whistling kettle with mirror polish. Primula ensures a durable and food-grade kettle to use regularly. The kettle can hold 1.8 liters of water easily, which is enough to serve in a meeting. 

Cool-touch handle

The whole handle is covered with plastic to keep it cool. The handle is ergonomically designed to get a nice grip on the kettle. For storage, you can put the handle down. 

Whistling spout

The water boils fast on this kettle. You will hear the whistling sound as soon as the water is boiled. It has an easy-to-access spout cover that is removed while pouring the water. 

Easy to clean

The kettle has a smooth surface which makes it easier to clean. Moreover, the mouth of the lid is big to clean the kettle thoroughly. Ou can fill and empty water easily with the mouth lid effortlessly. 

11. ROCKURWOK Whistling Kettle 

ROCKURWOK Whistling Kettle

Durable structure

The kettle is made of premium quality stainless steel to give durable service. The kettle comes in pink, white, and yellow, which gives an Instagram-perfect photo. The exterior of the kettle is coated with high-temperature paint to prevent rust. The color won’t fade away with washing. Make sure to use the kettle low to medium flame so that the paint does not burn away. 

Solid wood handle

The handle is made of wood that stays cool in flames. The lid is also made of wool that prevents burns from holding the kettle when hot. The spout lid has a bakelite covering, which helps to open for pouring hot water. 

Automatic whistle

The kettle has a loud and pleasant whistle for notifying that the water is ready for your coffee or tea. You can hear the sound from your bedroom, and it continuously alerts you until you turn off the stove. 

Stovetop compatible

This is a versatile kettle that is compatible with all types of stovetops. Most importantly, this kettle is compatible with an induction stovetop. You can use this kettle on an electric furnace, gas, or on natural gas.

12. Le Creuset Whistling Tea Kettle 

Le Creuset Whistling Tea Kettle

Construction details

Le Creuset makes kettles in various colors, which you can buy to match your tea set. This is a beautiful look kettle made of steel. The steel is coated with enamel that makes it easier to clean. It has a big round lid which helps to fill the water inside the kettle. The round lid has a stay-cool phenolic knob. Moreover, the capacity of the kettle is 1.7 quarts enough to make tea for a group of friends. 

Safe for induction stove

This aesthetic kettle is compatible with an induction cooktop. It can also be used on gas, electric, halogen, or ceramic stovetop. The kettle has an ergonomic handle for the safe pouring of hot water. Furthermore, it has stainless steel handle brackets for secure holding the hot kettle. 


You will never forget that you have kept a kettle on the stove if you are at home. The kettle gives a loud audible sound notifying you to remove the kettle from the flames. The base is even for fast and uniform heating of the water. The spout has an easy to press button to open it for pouring the water.

13. Creative Home Whistling Tea Kettle 

Creative Home Whistling Tea Kettle

Premium construction

Constructed with heavy gauge stainless steel, the whistling kettle can hold 3 quarts of water easily. The kettle comes in 6 different colors, of which you can choose anyone you like. It has a big circular lid that is easy to pour water into the kettle. For the stainless steel construction, the kettle heats the water quickly and lets you enjoy tea on winter mornings. 

Automatic whistling

You will get an alert when the water in the kettle is ready. The sound of the whistle is loud and clear to be audible for you. The whistle will blow until you remove the kettle from the stovetop. 

Induction stove compatible

The base of the kettle is made of 5 layers. Stainless steel, aluminum, and iron layers provide even heating to the kettle. Moreover, the base layer is made of premium quality stainless steel to create a magnetic base. As a result, the kettle is compatible with an induction stove. 

Stay cool handle

The entire handle is made of plastic which refrains from heating when put on the stovetop. The handle has easy access to the button to open the lid of the pouring spout. The cover has a hole that creates sound to alert when the water is ready.

14. HIHUOS Whistling Tea Kettle 

HIHUOS Whistling Tea Kettle

Stylish construction

This kettle from Hihuos has a different shape than the other kettles. The kettle is available in 5 different colors that can be of your choice. The solid colors have a trendy look that increases the look of your tea table. The kettle is made of 304-grade stainless steel, which heats quickly. Moreover, the kettle has passed the anti-rust test, which made it easier to clean and maintain.  

Multiple stovetops compatible

The kettle has a magnetic base made with stainless to make it compatible with an induction cooktop. The kettle is suitable to use in gas, electric, and ceramic cooktops. 

Loud whistle

The kettle has a loud and audible whistle when the water is ready. You can do your other work at home while your water is ready for coffee. The whistle will definitely catch your attention even if you are not present in the kitchen. 

Ergonomic handle

The handle of this kettle and is ergonomically designed to get a comfortable grip. At the place of holding the handle, it has a stay-cool material to protect your hands from burning. Close to the handle, it has the button to open the cover of the spout.

15. AIDEA Whistling Tea Kettle 

AIDEA Whistling Tea Kettle

Durable construction

The kettle is made of steel and coated with a porcelain enamel coating. The kettle can hold 2.3 quarts of water and heats up quickly because of the steel. This kettle comes in three different colors. The colors of the kettle won’t fade, and the porcelain coating makes it easier to clean. You have to handwash the kettle to maintain it for a more extended period. Make sure not to put the kettle empty on the flames. 

Clear and loud whistle

This kettle gives a loud and clear sound when the water is hot. Put the water on the flame and leave it to boil. You can prepare your breakfast while the water is getting boiled. 

Induction cooktop compatible

The base of the kettle is induction stovetop compatible. If you have an induction stovetop, you can boil water on it. Moreover, the kettle can be used on a gas furnace, electric stove, radiant cooker, halogen. The base has even construction for quick heating. 

Comfortable handle

The kettle has a comfortable handle to grab. Your hands won’t be burnt because of the stay-cool handle. The button to open the cover of the spout is close to the handle. You can easily pour the hot water of the kettle without spilling it on the countertop. 

Comparison Chart of The Best Whistling Kettle

ProductsItem Dimensions (inches)Capacity (quarts)
Mr. Coffee Whistling Tea Kettle8 x 8 x 81.75
POLIVIAR 7379 Whistling Kettle8.11 x 8.03 x 7.642.1
SUSTEAS Whistling Tea Kettle7.16 x 7.16 x 9.252.6
Café brew collection Whistling Tea Kettle7.8 x 7.7 x 6.51.5
Ecty Whistling Tea Kettle8 x 8 x 82.1
Cuisinart Whistling Kettle9.06 x 8.86 x 7.482
Venoly Whistling Tea Kettle8.58 x 7.56 x 7.482.6
OXO Whistling Tea Kettle8 x 9.75 x 9.751.7
Amfocus Whistling Tea Kettle10.35 x 7.6 x 5.872.1
Primula Whistling Tea Kettle7.44 x 7.4 x 6.851.9
ROCKURWOK Whistling Kettle7.48 x 7.28 x 6.141.6
Le Creuset Whistling Tea Kettle10 x 10 x 61.7
Creative Home Whistling Tea Kettle9 x 9 x 8.33.0
HIHUOS Whistling Tea Kettle10.1 x 8 x 83.2
AIDEA Whistling Tea Kettle10.2 x 9.02 x 9.022.3

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Whistling Kettle

Do you forget that your water is boiling and you have to turn off the stovetop? When you are busy in the middle of work, you sometimes forget that your water is boiling. As a result, all the water gets evaporated, leaving the kettle empty. An empty kettle can cause accidents. A whistling kettle helps in notifying you when the water is boiled. 

Whistle volume

The main feature of a whistling kettle is the sound of the whistle. A whistling kettle is bought so that it makes a sound when the water is boiled and reduces your frequent checking if the water is boiled or not. Usually, the whistle of the kettle is loud and audible, which can be heard in another room. If the sound of the whistling kettle is intense, it can wake people up. Moreover, a loud whistle of the kettle can also disturb people in the office. 

Capacity of the whistling kettle

The whistling kettles can hold at least 1 quart of water easily. But if you are buying for a large family, then you should opt for a kettle with a holding capacity of 1.5 quarts to 2 quarts. The kettles can be used for making tea as well. Moreover, do not overfill the kettle, or else water will overflow, causing a mess on the stovetop. 

Material of the whistling kettle

Most of the whistling kettle in our article is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a good conductor of heat which helps to heat the kettle faster. However, there is variance in the grade of the stainless steel. Always opt for the food-grade, 18/8 stainless steel to get durable service. 

Stovetop compatible

As the use of various types of stovetops is widely seen, you have to make sure that your chosen whistling kettle is compatible with your kitchen stovetop. An induction stovetop requires a magnetic base to use it. Look for the stainless steel base, which creates magnetism to be suitable for induction stovetop. Other cooktops like electric, gas, halogen, etc., are compatible with the whistling kettle. Some kettles are recommended to use on low to medium flame, or else high flame can damage the appearance. 

Cool handle

You have to be careful with the whistling kettle as you will be dealing with a hot kettle. The handles of the kettle are usually made of wood, bakelite, or plastic. These materials stay cool on flames and give you a comfortable grip for pouring hot water.

Pour spout cover

The cover of the spout makes the whistle when the water is boiled. You need to open the cover to pour the hot water. The opening of the cover is designed differently depending on the brand. In some kettles, the pouring spout has to be open with another hand while you hold the kettle with another. On the other hand, the button for opening the cover is close to the handle, which makes the pouring easier.  

Appearance of the kettle

Kettles are found in different colors. The kettle that has no coating has a shiny, sleek look that gives a traditional vibe. On the other hand, you will find some kettle that is coated with ceramic paint to give an aesthetic look. It is entirely up to you to choose the color of the whistling kettle.  

Ease of clean

The kettles do not have oil or grease, so it does not require hard scrubbing. You can simply handwash the kettle with soapy water. If the mouth of the lid is big, you thoroughly handwash it. It is recommended to wash the whistling pot in the dishwasher.


Do all kettles whistles? 

No, all the kettles do not whistle. The kettles need a device on the spout cover to make the sound. 

How long will it take to boil water in the whistling kettle?

It takes 5 minutes to 10 minutes to boil water on the kettle. 

Can I make tea on my whistling kettle? 

Yes, you can make tea on your whistling kettle. But it is not recommended to put loose tea or tea bags on the whistling kettle.


Many people might consider that the whistling kettle is not essential. It is essential for those who forget that they have kept something on their stovetop. The sound of the whistle is loud so that you can hear it from another room. A uniform base of the kettle heats the water faster.

Moreover, a comfortable handle with a strong grip is necessary to carry the whistling kettle. The best whistling kettle should be easy to use, wash and maintain for you as well as satisfy all your requirements.

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