The 12 Best Tamagoyaki Pan To Enjoy Japanese Rolled Egg At Home

Tamagoyaki is a Japanese rolled omelet that is made on a regular or square pan. To make this delicious egg, you need to use a tamagoyaki pan. This pan has spacious space and high walls to roll the eggs. You need to pay attention to the material of the pan as the pan needs to heat evenly to cook the eggs evenly. 

Moreover, an ergonomic handle is also necessary to hold the pan stable while you flip the folded egg to cook on all sides. As the pans will have a non-stick coating, you will not be able to clean in the dishwasher. The best tamagoyaki pan should release the eggs quickly and able you to cook other meals as well.

List of The 12 Best Tamagoyaki Pan

1. TeChef Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan 

TeChef Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan

Material of the pan

This is a rectangular pan made from aluminum. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and disperses heat on all surfaces evenly. You can enjoy evenly fried egg on this pan. The pan has high sidewalls, which are 1.2 inches. The side walls give the support to fold the eggs nicely. 

Induction cooker compatible

You can cook on this pan on a gas stovetop or induction stovetop. The pan has a stainless steel plate to make it suitable for an induction stove. 

Nonstick coating

The tamagoyaki pans have a new Teflon nonstick coating. The coating contains no PFOA, lead, or cadmium that can harm your health. Due to the nonstick coating, your eggs will not be stuck to the pan. However, you should handwash the pan as the brand has not mentioned using the dishwasher for cleaning.   

Ergonomic handle 

The handle is double riveted to the pan and is ergonomically designed. The handle is long and is covered with stay-cool material to give you a comfortable grip. Moreover, the handle comes with a hanging ole to store the pan by the hook. 

2. Rockurwok Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan 

Rockurwok Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan

Durable construction 

The tamagoyaki pan from Rockurwok is constructed with aluminum. Your pan will be heated instantly and will let you cook without wasting time on heating. Moreover, heat also evenly distributes throughout the pan to evenly make the Japanese egg omelet. 

Advanced nonstick coating

The surface of the pan is coated with a stone nonstick coating. The pan has three layers of nonstick coating to prevent rust, abrasion and give superior performance. For this advanced nonstick coating, the egg pan is easy to clean. You have to handwash the pan to get a durable use. Also, use wooden, silicone, or plastic spatulas for cooking on the pan as metal ones can damage the surface.

Wooden handle

The pan has a bakelite handle to keep cool while cooking. You will get a comfortable grip from the handle, and the handle is double riveted to the pan for safety.  

Stove compatibility

You can use this tamagoyaki pan on an electric, gas, glass, and induction stove. With this egg pan, you do not have to buy a new stove and can enjoy a delicious egg omelet at home.

3. IBBM Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan 

IBBM Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan

Premium built

This is a pan made from Aluminum-Manganese alloy. It is a durable pan and heats quickly. The pan has a maifanite nonstick coating to release food easily. The coating will peel off easily and is free of PFOA. Furthermore, the handle is made of polymer plastics to keep it cool while cooking. 

Induction stove compatible 

This tamagoyaki pan has stainless steel magnetic conductive base to cook on an induction stovetop. You can also use this pan on gas, electric, or ceramic stovetop. 

Variable use

This pan is built to make the famous Japanese omelet on it. But you can use it to make pancakes, sandwiches, bacon, sausages. For its excellent nonstick coating, the pan is easy to clean. You need to handwash it with soapy water to remove the oils or grease.

4. MyLifeUNIT Tamagoyaki Pan 

MyLifeUNIT Tamagoyaki Pan

Unique design

This tamagoyaki pan from MyLifeUNIT is 7 inches long and has a height of 1.8 inches. It is a multi-purpose pan with a slope at the front. The slope helps to flip the eggs, pancakes easily. You can easily slide the food from the pan to the plate with the help of the slope. Moreover, you can prepare beef stake, fry veggies, nuggets on the pan. 

Induction stove compatible

The pan has a stainless steel base, which makes it capable of cooking on the induction cooktop. The pan heats fast and helps in cooking faster. Moreover, this tamagoyaki pan is suitable for gas, halogen, electric, ceramic cooktop as well. 

Premium nonstick coating

The entire egg pan is covered with a nonstick coating of maifanite stone. This type of coating does not require much oil and releases food easily. Furthermore, the coating is safe to use for cooking as it does not release any toxins when heated. 

Bakelite handle 

The pan has an ergonomic handle and is 5.5 inches long. The handle is made of bakelite to keep it cool. You won’t burn your hand while holding the pan for cooking. The pan can be stored by hanging on the hook.

5. Keadeso Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan 

Keadeso Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan

Durable construction

The pan is made of stainless steel to ensure sturdiness. The pan has a nonstick coating, but you need to add some oil before using it. It is a rectangular pan that is great for making Japanese fried eggs. The edges are rounded, making it easy to fold the eggs. Moreover, the heat is distributed evenly on the pan that cooks the food evenly. 

Nonstick coating

The tamagoyaki pan has a natural nonstick coating which helps in the easy release of the food. However, you need to add a small amount of oil before using it for cooking any food. The pan does not have PFOA and PFOS and does not release any toxic fumes when heated. 

Induction stove compatible

To make the pan usable on an induction stove, the base is made of stainless steel bottom. Those who have gas, electric, ceramic, or halogen stovetop can also use the pan. This is a multifunctional pan that can be used on any kind of cooktop to cook any meal. 

Easy to clean 

For the great nonstick coating, the pan is easy to clean. You don’t have to scrub to remove the remnants on the pan. If you are thinking of washing in the dishwasher, no, you cannot use the dishwasher. The pan is easy to clean with hands. You just need to use soft sponges and soapy water to clean the grease.

6. Artcome Japanese Tamagoyaki Pan 

Artcome Japanese Tamagoyaki Pan

Pan set

The tamagoyaki pan comes with a silicone brush, a silicone spatula, a black plate, and a magic sponge eraser. The egg pan is made of durable stainless steel, which heats quickly. The pan is rectangular in shape and has rounded edges. The pan needs to be hand washed for durable use. 

Non-stick coating

The non-stick coating of the pan is water-based. The coating is free of PFOA and releases meals easily. This is a premium quality coating that will not peel off or chip quickly. 

Strong handle 

The handle is made of wood. The handle is ergonomically designed to get a nice grip on the pan. Moreover, the handle is double riveted to the pan so that you hold the pan stable for cooking. 

Compatible with stovetops

You can cook with this pan on electric, gas, as well as on induction stovetop. The base of the pan has stainless steel plate to work as a magnetic base on the induction stove.

7. Iwachu Tamagoyaki Pan 

Iwachu Tamagoyaki Pan

Traditional design

The tamagoyaki pan from Iwachu is traditionally designed. It is rectangular and has long sidewalls. The front sidewall is slanted, which makes it easy to transfer eggs from pan to plate. The pan is a product of cast iron and has no toxic non-stick coating. It would help if you seasoned it before starting to cook. For cleaning, you need to handwash the pan. 

Wooden handle

The pan is designed with a wooden handle. The wooden handle does not transfer heat and keeps the handle cool for longer. The handle has a non-slip grip to hold it. The pan is slightly heavier than others as it is made of cast iron. Moreover, the handle has a hanging hole to hang the pan by the hook, but it is too heavy to hang. It is better to store it in the cupboard.

8. ESLITE LIFE Tamagoyaki Pan 

ESLITE LIFE Tamagoyaki Pan

Arc shape edge

The pan is 7 inches in length and has a height of 1.12 inches. The arc-shaped edge helps to roll eggs easily. You can use the pan for making pancakes, sandwiches, etc. you can cook on an induction stovetop with this pan. 

Quick heat conduction

Aluminum, stainless steel, and silicone are combined to construct this pan. The pan has a magnetic base which helps the pan to heat faster. The pan heats evenly and cooks the eggs on all sides. It is recommended to use low to medium heat for cooking on this pan. 

Granite coating 

The pan has a granite non-stick coating that gives a superior performance while removing food from the pan. The easy release of the food aids in easy cleaning and is 100% toxic-free. Furthermore, the pan is not dishwasher safe. Handwashing the pan is the best way to keep it undamaged. You need to use a wooden or silicone spatula on the pan as a metal spatula may peel the non-stick coating off. 

Ergonomic handle

The handle of the pan is made of bakelite and has been designed with a wooden pattern. The handle is double riveted on the pan and provides a comfortable grip to hold the pan steady on the cooktop.

9. HooJay Tamagoyaki Pan 

HooJay Tamagoyaki Pan

Durable Construction

The egg pan from Hoojay is constructed with stainless steel. The pan is 7.1 inches long and has a height of 1.3 inches. The stainless steel fastly heats up the pan and spreads all over the surface for even cooking of the eggs. 

Premium Non-Stick coating

This is a pan coated with a superior non-stick coating. You need to brush the pan with oil before starting to cook. The oil seasons the surfaces and quickly releases the food without burning. You can use the pan for cooking multiple things. However, you need to use silicone or wooden spatulas instead of a metal one for the premium non-stick coating. 

Magnetic conductive base

The induction stove-compatible cookware requires a magnetic base. The pan has a stainless steel magnetic base to use the pan on the induction stovetop. It is recommended to cook on low to medium heat, and the base will disperse the heat evenly to the pan. 

Comfortable Handle

The pan has a bakelite handle to give a comfortable grip to the users. The handle is non-slipping and anti-scalding, making it more convenient to grab. The handle alone is 6.2 inches grieving enough spaces to hold. 

10. LI-GELISI Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan 

LI-GELISI Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan

Heavy-duty pan

The tamagoyaki pan is made of cast iron. The cast iron helps to disperse the heat evenly and retains heat for longer. The pan is heavy due to the cast iron but is durable. Moreover, the pan has a natural non-stick coating. Before every use, you need to season it with oil for a better release of the food.

Wooden handle

The pan comes with a wooden handle. The handle gives an ergonomic grip and prevents slipping off your hand. The length of the handle is 7.5 inches which give a lot of space to get hold of the pan.

11. ICUUK Japanese Tamagoyaki Pan 

ICUUK Japanese Tamagoyaki Pan

Premium construction 

It is a heavy-duty tamagoyaki pan made from aluminum and manganese alloy. It is durable and sturdy to give service for an extended period. The pan is designed with slanted sidewalls, which helps to flip the eggs, sandwiches, bacon easily. It is recommended to wash the pan with your hand to avoid any kind of damage.  

Induction stove compatible 

The tamagoyaki pan from ICUUK has a stainless steel base, which makes it a magnetic base. For its magnetic base construction, the pan can be used on the induction stove. Moreover, the pan can be used on an infrared burner, gas stove, or hot plate. 

Maifanite stone non-stick

The pan has a non-stick coating of stone. Maifanite stone is used for coating on the pan that helps in easy release and fast heat conduction. The pan will be instantly, and you can start your cooking on the pan. For the food-grade non-stick coating, you can use this pan for preparing other dishes as well. 

Ergonomic handle

The handle of the pan is built with polymer plastics and is double riveted to the pan. It does not get hot from the heat of the stove and gives a super comfortable grip. The pan is ergonomically designed and has a hook to hang the pan by the hook for storage.

12. YOUNG & DANGEROUS Tamagoyaki Pan 

YOUNG & DANGEROUS Tamagoyaki Pan

Construction material

The tamagoyaki pan of Young and Dangerous is designed as a traditional Japanese pan. The pan is made of copper and weighs about 600 grams. The pan is rectangular with high sidewalls to flip and fold the eggs. 

Wooden handle

The handle is 13 inches long and is made of wood. The wood is a bad conductor of heat. As a result, you can comfortably hold the handle to keep the pan stable. It does not have a hanging hole to store the pan by hanging by the hook.

Comparison Chart of The Best Tamagoyaki Pan

ProductItem Dimensions (inches)Item Weight(Pounds)
TeChef Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan7.5 x 1.2 x 5.51.34
Rockurwok Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan15.51 x 6.81 x 2.61.39
IBBM Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan14.21 x 8.31 x 2.440.825
MyLifeUNIT Tamagoyaki Pan7.09 x 5.12 x 1.770.85
Keadeso Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan14.7 x 5.9 x 1.10.85
Artcome Japanese Tamagoyaki Pan14.84 x 6.81 x 3.821.85
Iwachu Tamagoyaki Pan14.25 x 6 x 1.252.7
ESLITE LIFE Tamagoyaki Pan14.72 x 10.39 x 2.521.01
HooJay Tamagoyaki Pan15 x 9.37 x 2.81.1
LI-GELISI Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan14.5 x 1.5 x 5.52.2
ICUUK Japanese Tamagoyaki Pan13.94 x 6.61 x 3.70.84
YOUNG & DANGEROUS Tamagoyaki Pan8.27 x 6.5 x 1.971.23

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Tamagoyaki Pan

Do you know tamagoyaki pan can be used for making bacon, sandwiches, or pancakes? This pan comes with versatile usage, but before that, you need to know whether the pan has food-grade non-stick and cooks efficiently. 

Size of the tamagoyaki pan

The famous Japanese rolled egg is made by folding the egg. At first, the egg mix is spread evenly on all sides. As the egg is being cooked, it is folded to make the rolled egg. Due to the shape of the tamagoyaki pan, you can make rolled eggs of different sizes. If you own a restaurant that has famous Japanese rolled eggs, you need a bigger pan to serve the customers. If you are planning to buy for home, you can choose a smaller one. However, you can use a tamagoyaki pan for preparing other food as well. It is better to buy a regular size pan for multipurpose use. 

Material of the tamagoyaki pan

The tamagoyaki pan is made of different materials. In our article, you will find pans made from stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper. 

The aluminum tamagoyaki pan is light in weight. They are also durable and good conductors of heat. The pan of aluminum is also easy to clean. 

The stainless steel tamagoyaki pan is a very durable pan. This material does not require much maintenance and is also easy to clean. It is also rust-proof and scratch-resistant.  

Cast iron tamagoyaki pan is a heavy-duty pan. They are very long-lasting and heavy in weight. Heat is evenly distributed on the pan to make a delicious Japanese omelet. 

Copper tamagoyaki pan is not widely used because they heat up quickly, which can lead to the burning of food. This material disperses heat quickly and not as evenly as other materials. 

Food grade non-stick coating

Most of the tamagoyaki pan, except cast iron, has a non-stick coating. Previously, the non-stick coating had toxic products like Teflon, which caused harm to health. Nowadays, the pans are coated with stone or ceramic to make them nontoxic for people. In our article, many of the tamagoyaki pans are coated with maifanite stone, which spreads heat evenly and releases food easily. Make sure to buy a PFOA-free and toxic-free tamagoyaki pan. 

Quick and even heating

The heating of the pan depends on the material used in constructing the tamagoyaki pan. Aluminum stainless steel heats up quickly and evenly but does not stay hot longer. On the other hand, cast iron stays hot for longer and distributes heat evenly to cook a nice omelet. The copper tamagoyaki pans heat up quickly, but they do not distribute the heat uniformly. 

Maintenance of the tamagoyaki pans

The tamagoyaki pans are coated with a non-stick coating. To prevent the coating from damaging, the brands recommend hand washing the pans. Moreover, it is better to wooden or silicone spatula on a non-stick to prevent the peel off of the coating. Some non-stick coatings are toxic, which, when intaken with food, can cause health hazards. 

Metal spatula or silicone spatula?

Metal spatulas are not recommended to use on non-stick coating. However, if you own a cast iron tamagoyaki pan, then you can use metals spatulas. Go through the instruction details of the pan before using it for the first time. 

Ergonomic handle of the tamagoyaki pan

The handle is an important part of the tamagoyaki pan as it helps to hold the pan stable on the cooktop. You need a pan that has a stay-cool handle so that you can cook comfortably in our article. We have mentioned pans made of bakelite, plastic, and wooden. All these types of handles are convenient to hold and give a non-slip grip.   

Compatibility with stove

You need a stove to cook with the tamagoyaki pan. Stoves of gas, electric, halogen, etc., are compatible with most types of pans present in the market. But for an induction stove, you will need a pan that has a magnetic base. You will find a stainless steel plate at the base of the pan, which will create magnetism between the pan and the induction stove. Check your cooktop before finalizing a tamagoyaki pan.


What is the difference between a frying pan and a tamagoyaki pan?

Both pans serve the same purpose, but tamagoyaki pans have slanted edges, making it easy to flip and fold the eggs. At the same time, frying pans have straight edges. 

Do I need to season my tamagoyaki pan?

The tamagoyaki pan has a non-stick coating that prevents the egg from sticking. But to be on the safe side, it is better to brush the pan with a small amount of oil at the beginning of the cooking. 

What else can I make on tamagoyaki pans?

Tamagoyaki pan is a regular frying pan. You can use it to make pancakes, bacon, sandwiches, etc., on the pan.


To enjoy the delicious egg rolls, you need a tamagoyaki pan. The slanted sidewalls of the tamagoyaki help to fold the eggs. The material and non-stick coating of the pans are also essential in getting appetizing Japanese eggs. 

Moreover, a comfortable and non-slip handle makes it easier to hold the pan. Washing a non-stick tamagoyaki pan is hassle-free. Choose the best tamagoyaki pan that can fulfill all your requirements.

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