The 12 Best Silicone Muffin Pans To Bake The Bakery-Style Muffins At Home

Who does not love muffins or cupcakes? If you have a kid at home, you might be buying cupcakes or muffins once a week. If you have a muffin pan at home, you can bake your kid’s favorite muffins and surprise them. A silicone muffin pan makes the baking easy as the pan does not need to be greased and releases the muffins with few taps at the base. 

On the other hand, deciding on the cups of the muffin pan can be confusing as large, standard, and mini muffins are sold. It is better to buy regular size cups for muffin pans as the instant muffin directions are given considering that standard size. To enjoy the bakery-style muffin at home, choose the best silicone muffin pan to easily bake the muffins.

List of The 12 Best Silicone Muffin Pans

1. Caketime Silicone Muffin Pan 

Caketime Silicone Muffin Pan

The capacity of each cup

The muffin pan from Caketime has 12 cups to bake delicious muffins. Each of the cups has a top diameter of 2.75 inches and a depth of 1.2 inches. You need to use a steel plate under the silicone pan to support the hole muffin pan. 

The pan is made of food-grade silicone and is free of BPA. the capacity of each cup is 2.8 ounces which bakes the perfect muffins for your bake sale. 

High Resistant

As the muffins are baked in an oven, the silicone pans need to be oven-proof. This pan is safe for use in the oven and microwave. The pan can tolerate a temperature range from -104 degrees Fahrenheit to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Furthermore, BPA-free silicone won’t produce any kind of toxic fumes when heated.  


Other than muffins, you can bake cheesecakes, tarts, mousse, jelly, etc., on this muffin pan. You can use the pan for various other purposes as the cakes or muffins will come out in perfect shape. You don’t have to use oil or sprinkle flour before pouring the batter.  

Safe for dishwasher and freezer

As the muffin pan can endure high temperatures, you can wash it in the dishwasher with warm water. Warm soapy water will remove the oiliness from the pan. Moreover, you can place the pan in the freezer as well. But make sure to put the pan in the freezer after the temperature of the silicone pan comes down to the average temperature.

2. Keliwa Silicone Muffin Pan 

Keliwa Silicone Muffin Pan

Construction details

The muffin pan is made of food-grade silicone to make it safe for cooking. The pan is FDA approved and BPA free, which verifies that you can use the pan for making muffins, cupcakes, chocolate tarts regularly. 

You can bake standard shape muffins on this pan, and later, you can put the pan in the dishwasher for cleaning. The muffin pan endures temperature from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, you can refrigerate as well as use the pan in the oven. 

Non-stick baking

The silicone muffin pan extracts the muffin in intact shape. Moreover, you don’t have to sprinkle flour or oils in the cups fast release of the muffins. You can stick to the original recipe of your cakes or muffins. 

Stain-proof and easy to clean

There will be no stain of chocolate or any other ingredients on this pan as it releases the ingredients easily. The non-stick base of the muffin pan is easy to clean in the dishwasher. If the chocolate stain has gone cold and tough you can use some warm soapy water to clean the muffin pan. And the dishwasher will do the same work.         

Versatile use

Not only desserts, but you can also make chicken pot pie, chicken cup pizza, etc., in it. You can give a new shape to your items with the help of the muffin pan. You can bake anything on the pan that requires a baking temperature of fewer than 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Caketime Muffin Pan Cupcake Set 

Caketime Muffin Pan Cupcake Set

Muffin set

This cupcake set consists of 12 regular muffin molds and 24 mini muffin molds. This set allows you to bake muffins or cupcakes in 2 dimensions. Each cup of common mold has a diameter of 2.75 inches, and the mini cupcakes have a diameter of 1.8 inches. 

This set allows you to bake for a small gathering as well as bake for a bake sale as well. The muffin pan is BPA free which is healthy to use for baking. 

Easy to release cups

The muffin set is made of silicone and tested according to European standards. The cups do not require greasing or adding any parchment paper before pouring the batter. The cupcakes pop out quickly when the muffins are baked and done.   

High heat endurance 

The muffin pan set is durable and can endure high temperatures. Both the muffin pans take temperatures between 104 degrees Fahrenheit to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, you can refrigerate the muffins on the muffin molds. 

Effortless cleaning

This muffin set is easy to clean as the muffins come out quickly from the cups. You just need to slightly put pressure at the bottom of the cup, which will induce the cupcakes to come off easily. After taking out all the muffins, place them in the dishwasher for cleaning.

4. Silivo Silicone Muffin Pan 

Silivo Silicone Muffin Pan

Material of the pan

The muffin pan is made of food-grade silicone to make delicious muffins in it. The pan is BPA-free and has a food-grade non-stick layer to release the baked muffins easily. The muffin is safe at the highest temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. But make sure to keep the pan away from flames as it will burn in contact with fire.

Each cup size

Each pan has 12 cups to bake muffins. Each of the cups has 2.5 inches in diameter and has a height of 1.2 inches. You can bake regular cupcakes or muffins on this muffin pan effortlessly. Egg bites, quiches, meatloaf, etc., are bakeable on this muffin pan.

Not easy to deform

The silicone muffin pan will not deform if you keep the pan in between the mentioned temperature range. Direct contact with flames will damage the muffin pan. However, regular pulling of muffins from the cups won't deform the cups. The muffin pan is built with a specific thickness that prevents from deforming of the cups.

5. Trudeau Silicone Muffin Pan 

Trudeau Silicone Muffin Pan

Integrated steel structure 

The muffin pan of the Trudeau is integrated with silicone to provide a grip while taking the muffins out of the pan. The muffin pan won't wobble and slip off your hands as the silicone holds the muffins tight. You can easily take out the muffins without dropping any of them. 

Non-Stick Silicone

The silicone material is naturally non-stick, which helps to take the muffins off the pan easily. This pan also releases tarts, muffins, etc., easily, but the brand has recommended spreading a little amount of butter just in case to avoid any damage. Instead of butter or flour, you can use cup liber on the cups to prevent sticking.

Easy to clean 

You can clean the pan in the dishwasher. Using a paper liner reduces the contact of butter with the pan and makes it simple for cleaning. On the other hand, due to the non-stick surface, the muffins won't stick to the cups for long. The chocolate stains will also go away without scrapping. 

Reheatable in the microwave

You can refrigerate the muffins on the pan if you don't want to damage the shape of the muffins. Moreover, the muffin pan is compatible with the microwave also. You can reheat the muffins in the microwave and enjoy their deliciousness them.

6. Aokinle Silicone Muffin Pan 

Aokinle Silicone Muffin Pan

European LFGB Approved

You can use the muffin pan to bake yummy muffins for your family, as this muffin pan has passed the standard of European LFGB. This approval means, the silicone muffin pan contains no toxic chemicals that will get mixed with the ingredients when heated. 

Non-Stick and Flexible

The muffins cups are reusable and flexible for making muffins or cupcakes. You will see no white fillers when twisted or stretched to take out the muffins. The muffin pan is known for its easy-release muffins. You can use paper liners instead of oil spray of butter for quick release of the muffins.

Safe in oven, microwave, and dishwasher

The silicone muffin pan is safe to use for baking and reheating the muffins in the oven and microwave respectively. Make sure to check the heat endurance range of the pan so that the pan won't melt in the oven. Furthermore, keep the muffin pan away from the flam as flames damages silicone.

The muffin pan is washable in the dishwasher. Use warm water to clean the muffin pan thoroughly. The remnants easily come out of the cups without scrapping or poking.

7. Bb Baking & Beyond Silicone Muffin Pan set 

Bb Baking & Beyond Silicone Muffin Pan set

Premium Muffin Baking Set

The muffin pan set from BB Baking & Beyond comes with two trays. One tray contains 12 cups for baking regular muffins and 24 cups for mini muffins. You can serve a variety of muffins at special events. Moreover, you can bake a large amount together as well on these muffin pans. 

Food-grade materials

Food grade and 240G thick silicone are used to construct the muffin pan. The pan is FDA approved, which ensures that the silicones will not produce any toxic fumes when heated. 

As the muffins are baked, you can pull them out easily, and the muffins won’t stick to the cup due to the nonstick layer. This non-stick layer of the silicone is organic, which will not stick on the muffins. 


This muffin set comes with 2 spatulas. The spatulas are made of silicone, and both of them 2 dimensions. You can use the spatulas to mix the batter and pour it into the cups. 

Safe for freezer, oven, and dishwasher

The pans and the spatulas are made of silicone so they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Using warm soapy water in the oven will clean the pans and the spatulas thoroughly as they will be oily due to the butter in the batter. They are oven and freezer-proof as well.

8. Walfos Silicone Muffin Pan Set 

Walfos Silicone Muffin Pan Set

100% Food Grade Silicone

The silicone muffin pan is 100% food grade and has safe pans to use for baking. Premium quality muffins are used in constructing the pan. The pan is BPA-free and is durable to cook muffins on the pan for a long time. The cup maintains its original shape even after using it many times.

Good Heat Resistance

The silicone pan has high heat endurance. You can keep the pan from -104 degrees Fahrenheit to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. You can refrigerate and reheat the muffin on this silicone pan. However, you need to keep the pan away from direct contact with flames. 


Mini pot pies, cheesecake bites, cupcakes, etc., are possible to bake on this silicone muffin pan. Not only for food, but also you can use this pan as a mold to make DIY products like soaps, bath bombs, etc. Be careful of using any toxic chemicals on the muffin pan, as the chemicals can react with silicone. 

Non-Stick Baking

The silicone muffin pan from Walfos does not require paper liner or butter on the cups before pouring the batter. It is easy to bake cakes or muffins on this silicone muffin pan, and everything comes out of the cup easily. But you should not extract the cakes from the cups when it is hot. The muffins cake stays soft when hot and ends to break when pressured to take them out.

9. Boxiki Kitchen Silicone Muffin Pan 

Boxiki Kitchen Silicone Muffin Pan

Perfect Shape Muffins

The muffin pan is made of premium silicone. The pan won't bend, warp or get loose even after using it many times. The silicone cups will remain in their original shape, and you will continue to get the perfect muffins from the muffin pan.

Durable Muffin Pan

The muffin from Boxiki Kitchen is made of steel and silicone cups. The durable stainless steel frame and silicone cups produce the perfect muffins. No odor or stains will stay on the pan if they are washed thoroughly. The muffins are washable in the dishwasher.

Scratch Proof Silicone

The pan will gain no scratch marks or stains as they are made of high-quality materials, you can use the pan without worrying. Washing the pan with warm soapy water removes all the chocolate stains easily. 

Healthy Baking 

You won’t have to consume extra butter or flour as you enjoy a muffin. Muffins on the silicone muffin pan can be cooked without using any additional butter or flour. Muffins or cupcakes will come off the cups quickly without using much force. 

10. Katbite Silicone Muffin Pan 

Katbite Silicone Muffin Pan

Cup dimension 

The silicone muffin pan consists of 12 cups. Each cup has a diameter of 1.77 inches and a height of 1.18 inches. The 6 cup liners that come with the muffin pan are made according to the size of the cups. You can easily bake muffins or cupcakes on this muffin pan for a sudden gathering. 

Fast cooling 

The muffin pan also cools fast to extract the muffins from the cups. As a result, your customers won’t stay waiting, and you can serve them fresh and delicious muffins every day. Cooling of the muffins pan is necessary to take out the muffins undamaged from the cups.  

Nonstick & Flexible

The whole muffin pan is made of silicone. The silicone is durable and won’t break easily. Apart from using the muffin pan in flames, it is unlikely to get damaged by other things. Due to the silicone, it has a non-stick coating which allows releasing of the muffins effortlessly. No matter how much you stretch the cups, the cups will retain their previous positions. 


You can get half a dozen of cup liners with this silicone muffin pan. Though the pan is non-stick and does not require oil or butter, a cup liner increases the beauty of the muffin or cupcakes. Also, using cake liners make the muffins look more hygienic as the hand comes in less contact with the muffins.

11. Beorlen Silicone Muffin Pan 

Beorlen Silicone Muffin Pan

Eu-Standard Muffin Pan

The muffin pan is pinch tested before selling to the people. It follows the EU standard, which ensures that the pan contains no white fillers. The silicone muffin pan is 100% food-grade silicone. 

Deeper cups

The muffin pan comes with 12 muffins cups. Each of the cups has 2.68 inches in diameter and 1.92 inches in height. The cups are deeper compared to other brands and produce longer muffins. You can make tarts or chicken pies on this muffin pan and add a lot of fillings to them as the muffin cups are deeper. 

Flexible silicone pan

Anything with filings is easy to make on this silicone muffin pan. The muffin pans are flexible and allow room to accommodate the batter or uncooked snacks. It holds the shape of the meal while cooking and maintains while taking them out of the cups. 

The cups go back to their original shape and let you reuse the muffin pan again. 

Easy to clean

After taking the muffins out of the cups, you can simply wash them with your hand or in the dishwasher. If you are using paper liners then, no remnants of the batter will stay in the muffin pan. But the frame can get some stains of chocolate or any other fillings you used in the baking. As it can tolerate high temperatures, you can clean the muffin pan with warm soapy water in the dishwasher.

12. SJ Silicone Muffin Pan set 

SJ Silicone Muffin Pan set

BPA Free silicone

The silicone used in making the muffin pan has passed European and US standards. The food-grade silicone makes it usable for using the muffin pan in cooking various recipes. As it is food grade, no toxic chemicals will be mixed with the ingredients. You can undoubtedly let your family have the muffins made with this muffin pan. 

The capacity of the cups

The set is made of 12 cups muffin pan and a 24 cup muffin pan. The size of cups of 12 cups muffin pan is bigger than the other one. The larger cup holds 2.5 ounces of batter easily, whereas the smaller ones have 1 ounce capacity. Both of the pans are usable for various purposes. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe

As the muffin is made of food-grade silicone, you can store the baked muffins on the muffin pan inside the freezer. They can endure cold temperatures as well as heat. You can reheat the muffin in the microwave but never heat it on the stove,a     where the silicone pan can come in direct contact with fire.

Comparison Chart of The Best Silicone Muffin Pans

ProductsNo of cupsShapePackage Dimensions LxWxH inches
Caketime Silicone Muffin Pan12Round12.8 x 9.6 x 1.1
Keliwa Silicone Muffin Pan12Round6.22 x 3.94 x 0.43
Caketime Muffin Pan Cupcake Set12 regular and 24 miniRound13 x 9.5 x 1
Silivo Silicone Muffin Pan12Round11.7 x 8.8 x 1.2
Trudeau Silicone Muffin Pan12Cylindrical10.8 x 17.1 x 1.6
Aokinle Silicone Muffin Pan6Egg10.63 x 7.08 x 1.25
Bb Baking & Beyond Silicone Muffin Pan set12 regular and 24 miniRound12.5 x 9 x 2
Walfos Silicone Muffin Pan Set12 regular and 24 miniRound13.27 x 10.24 x 2.09
Boxiki Kitchen Silicone Muffin Pan12Round7.91 x 5.79 x 3.5
Katbite Silicone Muffin Pan12Round13 x 9.84 x 1.18
Beorlen Silicone Muffin Pan12Round12.6 x 10.87 x 2.36
SJ Silicone Muffin Pan set12 regular and 24 miniRound13 x 9.1 x 1.1

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Silicone Muffin Pan

Are you planning to surprise your grandparent with muffins, but they are diabetic as well? With a silicone muffin pan, you can bake and surprise them with sugar-free muffins. The silicone muffin pan is easy to use and maintain as well as durable.  

Number of muffin cups

Are you baking muffins for your kids or for your bakery? When you bake at home, you might bake 12 muffins to pack some of them as dessert for your kid's lunch. 12 muffins are suitable to serve in a small gathering. However, if you own a muffin shop, you would rather choose the muffin pan with larger numbers of cups. You can easily bake a huge lot of your most loved muffins so that you can serve the best muffin to your customers.

Moreover, a muffins pan with a fewer number cups is available as well. For baking at home, it is better you choose a 12 cup muffin plate as you bake other snacks on this muffin pan. 

Size of the cups

If you just opened a muffin shop, you should buy regular size muffins cups as well as mini-sized muffin cups. In the beginning, you can sell the common flavors of muffins to attract customers. If you are trying to sell a new flavor, you can bake them in mini shape and offer them to the customers as complementary.

Later, you can bake the most liked muffins in regular sizes. It will reduce the wastage of food, and you can serve the customers with their favorite muffins. 

If you take customize orders, your client can ask for a mix of large, regular, and mini shaped muffins. You can play with your baking skill if your buy muffin cups of various shapes.

Temperature endurance

Muffins, cupcakes, tarts, etc., are made by baking. Of course, they need to have a tolerance for high temperatures. 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit are set for baking muffins. The silicone muffin pans can endure this temperature and makes them suitable to use in the oven or microwave.

Easy release of muffins

There is nothing sadder than a broken muffin. Muffins can get damaged when extracting from the cups. For perfect muffins, the cups need to have a non-stick surface that releases the muffins effortlessly. Most of the brands say that their muffin pan does not require greasing or sprinkle flour before adding the batter. But some brands say to rub the cups with a little amount of butter. Whichever you choose, you should read the instruction carefully so that you can bake the delicious muffins in one go.

You should let the muffin cool for few minutes before taking them out of the cups. Muffins are soft when hot, and they can break easily at that time. 

Safe for refrigerator and microwave

The muffins are baked at a certain temperature, so the muffins pans are made to endure high temperatures. Most of the muffin pan can low as well as high temperatures. As the silicone pan is suitable to refrigerate, you can freeze your muffins or cupcakes in the freezer. In this way, the shape of the muffins won't get damaged and you can reheat the stale muffins in the microwave.


Is it safe to bake on silicone pans?

Yes, you can bake your confectioneries on food-grade silicone pans. 

Do I need to grease the cups of the silicone muffin pan before pouring the platter?

No, you do not need to grease the cups to add the batter. 

What should I choose silicone muffin pans over metals ones?

Silicone muffin pans are flexible, and you can force the cakes out of the molds or cups easily. Also, silicone pans non-stick interior for which you don't have to oil spray or add the flour before pouring the batter.

Can I use warm water in the dishwasher to clean the silicone muffin pan?

Yes, you can use warm water to wash away the oil inside the muffin pans.


Muffins pans are not only used for muffins, but there are various meals used to bake on them. Choosing the size of the cups depends on what other snacks you can make on this silicone muffin pan. Standard or larger cups are widely useable. So, your best silicone muffin pan should be the one that allows you to use for making muffins as well as chicken cheese cupcakes. 

On the other hand, the muffin pans are not hard to clean, and they are stretchable in a way that you can use the muffin pan for long. However, if the silicone used on the muffin is not good, it can get some stains and odor, which can be tough to get off.

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