The 15 Best Ice Tongs To Grab Ice Cubes To Add In Your Drinks

For cocktails or mocktails, ice cubes are essential. Also, everyone has a different preference for adding ice. To enjoy your drink, you need to have the ideal ice tong to grab the ice. Ice cubes are slippery so you need to choose the best ice tong that has grip teeth to hold the cubes properly. 

Moreover, the ice longs have different lengths which might not be usable for all purposes. Some ice tong heads are designed as claws or grip teeth. The plating of the tongs is also different. You have to choose the ice tong considering all the features.

List of The 15 Best Ice Tongs

1. HINMAY Ice Tongs Set 

HINMAY Ice Tongs Set

Package content

This package from Hinmay consists of 6 ice tongs. All the tongs have different shapes and teeth. This set is useful for parties as they have a wide variety of tongs. In this set, you get a utility tong, buffet tong, locking tong, gripper tong, paddle tong, and bar tong. You can use the tongs for ice as well on other food. 

Food grade stainless steel set

The tongs are made of stainless steel. These durable ice tongs resist corrosion. The tongs are 6 inches and safe for regular use on food. 

Easy to clean

The tongs are dishwasher safe. Wash the tongs with warm soapy water before using them for the first time. To maintain the appearance, wipe and air dry the tongs for storage.

2. Gejoy Ice Tongs Set 

Gejoy Ice Tongs Set

Multi-purpose mini tongs

It is a set of 12 ice tongs that can be used on food as well. The tongs are around 4 inches long and suitable for picking ice, sugar cubes, boiled veggies, crescent rolls, etc. these are mini tongs useful for using on snacks. 

Dishwasher safe

The tongs are washable on the dishwasher. Though the brand has recommended handwashing to keep the golden coating durable. The tongs have a simple design that makes them easier to clean. 

Sturdy and safe

Stainless steel is used in the construction of the tongs. The edges are perfectly welded so that they don’t hurt your fingers. The tongs resist rust and are strong because of the stainless steel.

3. Soleader Ice Tongs 

Soleader Ice Tongs

Durable construction

Food-grade stainless steel tongs are durable to use for longer. They resist corrosion and are safe to use in food. Single-piece steel is used in making a single tong, giving a never-brake structure. The7 inches tongs have mirror polish and the smooth edges give a comfortable grip.

Versatile use

You can use the tongs snacks, fruits, candy, ice cubes, etc. The tong has a claw head to get a grip on the ice cubes. The claw head opens 2.6 inches, allowing it to hold anything in that range. 

Easy to clean

The tongs are easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe. They have a simple design on the handle. As a result, no food will be attached to the tong.

4. Massjoy Ice Tong 

Massjoy Ice Tong

Unique design

The tong from Massjoy is manufactured with 304 rade stainless steel. The ice tong is strong and durable to use. The head of the tong is designed as an eagle head. The tong is designed with details to give a comfortable grip. 


The tong is 8 inches long and has designs on the handle. You will get a non-slip grip from the tong. The tongs need to be hand-washed as dirt or food can be attached to the designs.

5. Jaf Gifts Ice Tong 

Jaf Gifts Ice Tong

Quality construction 

The tong is made for using it commercially. It is durable and the edges are smooth. The head of the tong has a beautiful design that gives a great appearance on food. You can use the tong for ice or on snacks as well. 

Regular use

The tong can be used regularly on ice or food. It is easy to clean which makes it suitable to use regularly. It is better to handwash this 7-inches tong as the designs won’t be thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher. 

6. Adcraft Ice Tong 

Adcraft Ice Tong

Efficient construction

The tong from Adcraft has a head designed as claws. The claws help to lift ice or snacks easily. The tong is 8 inches long and gives a space to get a nice grip. 

Durable tong

It is a stainless steel tong and resists rust, corrosion. It won’t bend easily after using regularly. You have to wash the tong with your hands and wipe it before storing it.

7. HINMAY Ice Tong 


Durable material

The ice tongs are made of 18/8 stainless steel. This premium constructed tong prevents rust and is strong enough to last for longer. The tong has a mirror-polished surface giving it a sleek look. 

Perfect grip teeth

The tong is designed with sawteeth. The grip can tightly hold the ice and other snacks. Keep your fingers away from the teeth as they might hurt you. 

Multi-purpose usages

Sugar cubes, ice cubes, cookies, marshmallows, etc can be picked up with this tong. The tong is also washable in the dishwasher. The stainless steel protects it from rust, so you don't have to work hard to maintain the tong. 

8. Newness Ice Tong 

Newness Ice Tong

Simple design

This ice tong is around 6 inches and is built with stainless steel. It has a very simple design that can be used for picking ice cubes, candies, macarons as well.  

Perfect grip teeth

The tong is made of single-piece iron which makes it durable to use. The head of the ice tong has teeth to lift ice or sugar cubes easily. The grip teeth hold the ice and can be moved from one place to another efficiently. 

Easy to clean

The ice tong is safe for the dishwasher but the brand has recommended handwashing it. It does not hold any remnants of food. In case to remove grease, clean the tongs with warm soapy water.

9. Toonev Ice Tong 

Toonev Ice Tong

Durable construction

The tongs are made of stainless steel that can resist high heat. The set comes with 2 tongs of different heights. One is 10 inches and the other is 13 inches and both can be in various meals. 

Comfortable to use

The tongs come in lock and unlock features. For convenient and space-saving storage, the tongs are lockable. On the handle, it has silicone to prevent anti-slip and endure high temperature. 


This is a utility tong that can be used for various kitchen tasks. You can use the tong for frying chicken, roasting, or even mixing salads. Its non-slip handles make it easier to use the tongs widely. 

10. TRUSBER Ice Tong 


Durable construction 

The ice tong is lightweight and constructed from stainless steel. It prevents rust due to the usage of premium quality materials. You can use the tongs in different events. 

Grip teeth

The tong has grip teeth to pick up the wet and slippery ice and move from bucket to the glass. The rip teeth allow you to hold the roasted chicken, fish, salads, or any other meals. 

Responsive springs

The two metals parts of the tong are joined with a spring. The spring helps to maintain the shape of the tongs and is compatible to use on different things. Due to the springs, the tong head won’t be wide open and will be easy to pick up the ice cubes.

11. Tougs Ice Tong 

Tougs Ice Tong


It is a pack of 10 mini tongs made from stainless steel. The tongs are around 4 inches long. The tong heads have 0.6 inches in width making it easier to grab marshmallows, cookies, shredded cheese, etc. The tongs have golden polish gives them an antique look. 

Multi-purpose mini tongs

As this set comes with 10 pieces of tongs, you can use this for your entire party. Apart from ice, you can pick veggies, muffins, cookies, cheese, etc with it. The tongs have smooth designs which make it easier to pop on the dishwasher for cleaning.

12. USATDD Ice Tongs 

USATDD Ice Tongs

Durable construction

These stainless steel sets of tongs are durable to use. The tongs have claw heads to provide grip for picking up the ice. The tongs are around 6 inches long giving enough space to hold the tong. The spring action of the tong aids in returning to the same position after picking up ice. 

Easy to clean

You can clean the tongs in the dishwasher as it does not have any complex design. But the brand has recommended handwashing the tongs. Use warm soapy water to clean the tongs thoroughly.

13. Outset Ice Tongs 

Outset Ice Tongs

Durable construction

This is an 8 inches long ice tong made from stainless steel. This is a premium tong that you can use for regular use. It has a sleek look that increases that grabs the attention of everyone. 

Unique grip feature

The tong has grip teeth to grab the ice cubes. You can pick and move the tong easily with ice cubes without the fear of falling off the cube. This tong can be used for picking up sugar cubes or cheeses. 

Easy to clean

The tong is easier to clean because of the stainless steel. You can place the tong in the dishwasher for cleaning.

14. Prince of Scots Ice Tong 

Prince of Scots Ice Tong

Sleek design 

The tong is made with stainless steel and is plated with copper. It is 7 inches long and beautifully designed. This tong needs to be hand washed to use for a long time. 

Gripper teeth 

You will find gripper teeth on the tong to hold the ice cubes stable. Three holes are designed near both sides of the head to grab the cubes. Not only ice cubes but also the tong can be used for snacks, cheese, marshmallows, etc.

15. WedFeir Ice Tong set 

WedFeir Ice Tong set

Premium construction

High-quality 304 stainless steel is used in manufacturing the tong set. 6 tongs come on the set. The edges are smoothly welded making it easier to use. It has a simple design and prevents rust. 

Easy to clean and maintain

The tongs are safe to clean in the dishwasher. As the tongs have a simple design, the tongs will be thoroughly cleaned. They are easy to maintain as well as stainless steel protects them from rust. 


The tongs open up 2 inches and are usable for cakes, donuts, or cookies. As they are simple designs, they do not need too much maintenance and can be used regularly on various meals.

Comparison Chart of The Best Ice Tong

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Ice Tong

Are you looking for ice tongs that can be used for multiple purposes? You need to know the construction details before choosing a versatile tong. The tongs have various designs that make them useful for various purposes. 

Types of the tongs

There are various tongs available in the market. All of them have different roles and can be used for multiple purposes. There are separate tongs for salad, grilling, pastry, ice, etc. For efficient ice tongs, the head of the tong should be strong enough to pick the ice cube and place it on your beverage.

Grip teeth or not

Not all tongs have grip teeth. Grip teeth help to hold the ice cubes but too much pressure might slip the cubes from the tong. With grip teeth or not, you can use the tongs for almost everything. 

Length of the tongs

The tongs are available in various lengths. In our article, you will find mini tongs as well as long longs. Mini tongs are usable if you use a small ice bucket. But for a large bucket, you need to use a regular size ice tong. The size of the tong starts from 4 inches and it goes up to 13 inches long. The long tong can be used for snacks and pastries as well. 

Holding capacity

How many ice cubes do you like in your drink? Adding more ice cubes at a time for cooling your drink allows you to enjoy your drink. Smaller tongs can hold 1 ice cube depending on the size of the ice cubes. The wider the tongs, the more the ice tongs can hold the ice cubes.  

Locking mechanism 

Not all ice tongs have a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism aids to store the tong in smaller spaces. Springs are added to lock the two parts of the tongs together. The tongs won’t be stiff and will be easy to use the tongs regularly. 

Cleaning process

The tongs are made of stainless steel and they rust proof. But the tongs are polished with various materials which are not waterproof. Look for the cleaning instruction of the pack before cleaning them in the dishwasher.


An ice tong might be a small tool of a kitchen but a perfect ice tong is necessary when you want to enjoy your drink. In gatherings or hangouts, alcohols or cocktails are staple and you need ice cubes for them. An ice tong with teeth holds the ice cubes and stays stable until you release the cube in your drink. 

On the other hand, if the ice tong is not efficient, the ice cubes might fall and you cannot enjoy your drink. Moreover, ice tongs are usable to pick chocolates, cookies, muffins, etc if they are bought in a suitable size. The best ice tong will allow you to enjoy the meals without giving too much effort to picking the food from the serving dish.

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