The 15 Best Cocktail Strainers To Make Professional Cocktails Like Bartenders

Are you trying to make cocktails at home like a professional bartender? An ideal cocktail strainer will make your work easy. Among other bar tools, strainers are the basic tools used by bartenders. You need to add ice, herbs, alcohol, and other ingredients before stirring or shaking the cocktail. 

To strain the cocktail to remove ice and other ingredients, you need to choose a certain type of strainer for the type cocktail. Hawthorne and julep may be used in any situation, but they have different construction that makes them particularly beneficial for differently stirred cocktails. Also, they have perforations to efficiently filter the ingredients. The best cocktail strainer should strain the cocktail from the ices shards or other elements.

List of The 15 Best Cocktail Strainers

1. OXO Cocktail Strainer

OXO Cocktail Strainer


The OXO cocktail strainer is a Hawthorne strainer made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and cleans easily. You can use this strainer to filter citric drinks as well. This strainer is washable in the dishwasher without damaging it.

Raised lips

The feature we like about this stroller is that it has two raised lips to prevent dripping while you pour the drink from mixing tin into the glass. The strainer is compatible with glass as well as with the mixing tin.  

Finger rest

The strainer has a soft finger rest to help to keep the strainer fixed in one place. It has a non-slip grip to make it easier to use. 

Compact handle

The strainer has a small and comfortable handle to naturally pour the cocktail from the mixing tin. The strainer does not have an extended handle which can be bothersome in pouring the drink. This is one of the best Hawthorne strainers for its compact design and is also easy to maintain.

2. Winco Cocktail Strainer 

Winco Cocktail Strainer

Professional strainer

The Winco cocktail strainer is built to use professionally in the bars. One side of the strainer, spring is attached to filter the ice and skins of the fruits. The strainer is built with stainless steel to make it durable to use for a long period. 

4 prongs

The strainer has 4 prongs designed on four sides. The prongs help to stop dripping while you pour the drinks from the mixing tin. This premium cocktail strainer is compatible with different glasses, mixing tin.

Dishwasher safe

The strainer is suitable to wash in the dishwasher. It can be hard to clean the strainer with bare hands. The remnants of the fruits can stay attached to the strainer. The water pressure inside the dishwasher can clean the strainer thoroughly. 


The strainer has an elongated tail to hold it. The tail or the handle has a hole to hang the strainer by a hook. The strainer has a dimension of 6 x 4.63 x 0.88 inches which you can store in the drawer as well.

3. Barfly Cocktail Strainer 

Barfly Cocktail Strainer


Barfly used heavy gauge stainless steel in the construction of the strainer. The strainer is durable rough to use regularly. The core construction by 18/8 stainless steel prevents damage or rust on the strainer. The spring filters the ice and other solids remaining in the liquid to serve the perfect cocktail to enjoy. 

The strainer has a long extended handle that supports your palms. Moreover, you can store the strainer by hanging it with a hanging hole or inside a drawer. 


The strainer has perforations at the center allowing to efficiently pour a drink from the mixing tin to the serving glass. However, there are no raised lips on the strainer to prevent dripping or spilling of the drink while pouring. 

Integral finger rest

At the joint of the strainer and the handle, an integrated part is given to palace your finger to hold the strainer. The finger rest part does not contain any rubber or non-slip grip. So, the strainer can slip from your hand if it is wet. The finger rest is not comfortable as you will be holding on to steel which will turn cold, coming in contact with ice.

4. OXO SteeL Fine Mesh Cocktail Strainer 

OXO SteeL Fine Mesh Cocktail Strainer


This is a fine fine mesh strainer made from stainless steel. The strainer helps to efficiently strain the smallest fruit pulps from the cocktail. The strainer is used when you need to double train a cocktail with ice and other ingredients. It has a raised lip to hold the strainer stable in the glass. 

Conical shape mesh

The mesh comes in a conical shape allowing more space to hold the pulps. You can use this strainer not only for cocktails but also for other drinks. The strainer is double welded on all sides so that it can serve for a long time. 

Comfortable handle

The strainer has a long handle. It is built with non-slip material allow you to get a good grip for use. Moreover, you do not need to hold this strainer like other cocktail strainers. You can set the strainer on the glass while the filtered drink comes out from the strainer on the mixing tin. A hanging hole is given on the strainer to hang it by the hook.

5. A Bar Above Hawthorne Strainer for Cocktails 

A Bar Above Hawthorne Strainer for Cocktails

Professional design

A strainer needs to be comfortable for the bartenders to use for making cocktails. This strainer is designed according to the design of a professional bartender. It is made of 304 stainless steel to make it durable for use. 

Moreover, the strainer is lightweight and is made with a patented cut-away design to protect from scratches on the surfaces. Moreover, the strainer has a high-density spring that filters out juice pulps and small ice pieces. 

Compatible strainer

The trainer is built to use in different cocktail shakers and pint or mixing glasses. The strainer has perforations that allow only the liquid to come out of it. The strainer has raised lips so that the cocktail does not drip while pouring. 

Speed and style

The strainer easily filters the ice and pulps of the fruits and pours the liquid into the glass. There is little to no spilling of the liquid. The cocktail comes out through the little opening and allows you to pour on two glasses one after another. 

Finger grip

The finger grip is designed close to the springs to support the fingers to stay stable while pouring. You will get a strong grip on the strainer and it won’t cause any pain for holding the strainer for a long time.

6. A Bar Above Cocktail Strainer 

A Bar Above Cocktail Strainer

Durable material

This cocktail strainer is a Julep strainer to filter the ice and pulps from the cocktail. The strainer is built with stainless steel 304 to last longer. The steel is food grade to use to filter the cocktails. The handle is strongly welded to the strainer surface that will not break or rust easily.

Compatible with shakers

The strainer surface is in oval shape and has perforated holes to pour the filtered cocktail. Due to the oval shape, the strainer fits all kinds of mixing tins or glasses. As it has no raised lips you need to hold the stainer stable with your fingers. 

Ergonomic handle

The handle is elongated, giving enough space to hold the strainer stable on the glass. You can place the strainer upward or downward. The handle makes sure that you can non-slip grip whichever way you hold the strainer.

Cleaning and storage 

The cocktail strainer from Supportiback is washable with hands in the water. It is not mentioned if the strainer is suitable for the dishwasher. 

Furthermore, the handle has a hole to hang on the hook. You do not have to make space on the drawer to keep the strainer.

7. Barfly Cocktail Strainer 

Barfly Cocktail Strainer 7


18/8 stainless steel core is used in constructing the fine mesh strainer. The comfortable rod handle makes it convenient for the bartender to use it for double straining. For the front rest loop, the strainer sits stable using only one hand. The strainer is plated to give a copper color. 

Conical bowl 

The diameter of the bowl is 3.5 inches. It is a conical shape for the fast flow of fluid through it. You can use the strainer to filter cocktails, juice from pulps, etc. This strainer is not essential for bars but also for households as well. 


The strainer can be hand washed for cleaning. The brand has not mentioned if the strainer is suitable for dishwashers or not. However, the strainer can be easily cleaned if you place it under running tap water.

8. Zulay Cocktail Strainer 

Zulay Cocktail Strainer


The Zulay cocktail strainer is made of 304 stainless steel. The premium quality stainless steel is resistant to rust and gives a durable service. The rim has a mirror end finish to give a professional look. The strainer has the rest loop st the front which keeps it stable on the glass using one hand. You can wash the strainer with a soapy wet cloth or place it in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning. 

Precise filtering and versatile

The strainer is in a conical shape and strains liquid from ice cubes, herbs, and pulps. The strainer sits just right on the glass and does not spill on the table while pouring the cocktail. 

This strainer can also be used for filtering tea, coffee beans, seeds of fruits, sifting flour, dusting on cupcakes, etc. this strainer with a durable mesh basket is easy to use for precise filtering.  

Lightweight and ergonomic design

The total length of the strainer is 9 inches. The mesh basket has a diameter of 3.35 inches where the liquid will pass through without overflowing. The rod handle is 5.1 inches long, giving space to hold the strainer with hand while pouring. Moreover, the strainer is lightweight and can easily be hanged by the hook. 

9. Viski Cocktail Strainer 

Viski Cocktail Strainer

Quality materials

This hawthorne strainer is manufactured with premium quality stainless steel to make it durable for regular use. The strainer has a copper finish which gives a more sleek appearance to it. The spring is tightly attached and is removable when needed. 


The strainer is professionally designed to use by bartenders. Any standard or large fit glasses is suitable to use this strainer. It has two separated perforations to pour the liquid without spilling on the countertop. Herbs, ice shards or fruits pulps, nothings can pass through this cocktail strainer. 

However, it has no raised lips or resting rod to maintain the balance on the glass. You need to hold the strainer on the mixing tin or glass. 

Finger rest

It has a finger rest as the center, allowing you to get the grip of the strainer. The finger rest is wide enough to put the thumb on it. As a result, your fingers won’t be tired of continually straining the cocktails.

10. American Metalcraft Cocktail Strainer 

American Metalcraft Cocktail Strainer


This is a hawthorne strainer built with stainless steel. The spring is tightly fitted to filter the ice and fruits from the cocktail. The strainer will not rust easily as it is made of premium quality material. 


This strainer can be one of the best hawthorne strainers in your bar because it has two prongs to settle on the glass. Prongs will help to support as well as stop dripping. It has 3 vertical perforations for quick release of the cocktails. 

Finger rest

It has a suitable finger rest to get the grip of the strainer with the glass. Your fingers won’t be lethargic after working all night long with the strainer to deliver the best cocktail. 

11. Koviti Cocktail Strainer set 

Koviti Cocktail Strainer set

Premium construction material

This is a set of 3 cocktail strainers which is useful for any bartender. Made from 304 stainless steel, the strainers are durable to use for a long period. The strainers are perfectly welded so that they won’t bend, leak or warp easily.  

The hawthorne and julep strainer is 6.30 inches long whereas the mesh strainer is 9.29 inches long. They have the perforations required to strain the liquid from the solid ingredients. 


As this is a set of cocktail strainers, you can easily maintain them in the same way. The hawthorne has a tightly fitted spring with raised lips to steadily hold the strainer while pouring. All the strainers have long handle to get a strong grip.

Easy to clean

The best feature of this strainer set is that they are dishwasher friendly. After making cocktails all night, throw them in the dishwasher for cleaning. All the tiny particles will also be cleaned on the dishwasher.

12. TheBarsentials Cocktail Strainer Set 

TheBarsentials Cocktail Strainer Set

Elements on the set

The strainer set from TheBarsentials includes a hawthorne strainer, a julep strainer, a fine-mesh strainer, and a stirring spoon. With these elements, you can start a mini bar at your home. Moreover, all the tools are safe for cleaning in the dishwasher. 

Premium quality

All the strainers and the spoon are made from 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel is durable and won’t rust quickly. The edges are perfectly welded so the strainers won’t hurt while working. You can use the strainers for use at bars or can be used at home for filtering other things. 

Construction of the strainers 

The julep and hawthorne strainers are 6.5 inches long, fine mesh is 9 inches and the stirring spoon is 11 inches long. The hawthorne has raised lips and the fine mesh has an extended rod to sit stable on the glass. The handles are useful in getting the grip of the strainers. Cocktails, mocktails, juices, etc on everything filtering you can use this set of strainers.

13. Top Shelf Bar Supply Cocktail Strainer Set 

Top Shelf Bar Supply Cocktail Strainer Set

Durable tools

The package comes with a hawthorne, julep, and a fine mesh strainer. Stainless steel strainers are durable and commercially used by professional bartenders. The strainers have reinforces welds so that the mesh or the spring won’t come off easily. It is a complete set of strainers that fulfill all the requirements to make a great cocktail.

Ergonomic design

The strainers have handles to hold them stable while pouring the cocktail from the mixing glass. The hawthorne strainer has finger rest to prevent fatigue on the fingers and raises lips are given. 

The parts are welded perfectly so that the drink won’t leak while straining the drinks from the mixing tins. The strainers fit most of the mixing glass or tins easily. 

Dishwasher safe

The strainers are safe for cleaning in the dishwasher. Just pop them in the dishwasher and they won’t be damaged in any way. The premium stainless steel protects them from rust.

14. Cocktail Kingdom Cocktail Strainer 

Cocktail Kingdom Cocktail Strainer

Heavy-duty strainer

The hawthrone strainer is made from 18/8 stainless steel for long-term use. It has a tight coil to strain the ice shards and herbs from the drinks. The strainer can be used regularly without causing any damages.

Finger rest

Finger rest is designed on the strainer to support your thumb. If you use a hawthorne strainer frequently, your hands get numb from supporting it. It has a long handle to give your fingers complete support for pouring the drink.

Versatile use 

Hawthorne strainers are mostly used for straining drinks. You can strain juices on the strainer as well. The perforations on the strainer make a two-split pour from the strainer. Moreover, the strainer fits on all mixing glasses or tins.

15. Barfroee Cocktail Strainer 

Barfroee Cocktail Strainer

Durable design

This stainless steel hawthorne strainer has 100 tight coil rings to filter the ice shards and fruits pulps from the liquid. Smaller ice cubes won't be able to pass through the coil. Furthermore, it is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel. The strainer will not get corrosion easily. 

Higher efficiency

The strainer has a cross-shaped fine mesh to provide wider filtration. Drinks will be poured out of the mixing efficiently without causing any mess on the countertop. It is designed for professional bartenders to make any kind of cocktail, drink easily. 

Raised lips

The strainer has raised lips to prevent dripping while you pour the drinks. If you are new to bartending, you might not be able to pour a drink without spilling, the raised lips help to keep the strainer stable and steady while pouring the drinks.

Comparison Chart of The Best Cocktail Strainer

ProductsTypeWeight (pounds) Dishwasher safe
OXO Cocktail StrainerHawthorne2.39Yes
Winco Cocktail StrainerHawthorne0.16Yes
Barfly Cocktail StrainerHawthorne0.32No
OXO SteeL Fine Mesh Cocktail StrainerFine mesh0.15Yes
A Bar Above Hawthorne Strainer for CocktailsHawthorne0.25No
A Bar Above Cocktail StrainerJulep0.2No
Barfly Cocktail StrainerFine Mesh3.52No
Zulay Cocktail StrainerFine Mesh1.65yes
Viski Cocktail StrainerHawthorne0.26No
American Metalcraft Cocktail StrainerHawthorne0.07No
Koviti Cocktail Strainer setHawthorne, Julep, Fine Mesh0.62yes
TheBarsentials Cocktail Strainer SetHawthorne, Julep, Fine Mesh.56yes
Top Shelf Bar Supply Cocktail Strainer SetHawthorne, Julep, Fine Mesh.73yes
Cocktail Kingdom Cocktail StrainerHawthorne.38yes
Barfroee Cocktail StrainerHawthorne.21yes

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Cocktail Strainer

Are you thinking of serving professional cocktails in your gathering but you want to make it by yourself? Making the perfect cocktails requires the ingredients and tools like hawthorne or julep strainers. The stirring spoons and strainer bring out the fine taste of the cocktails.  

Types of strainer

Bartenders use mostly three types of strainers to filter the cocktails. They are hawthorne, julep, and a fine-mesh strainer

Hawthorne strainer is constructed with a steel plate and a coil of spring to strain all the ice chunks and herbs from the cocktail. This strainer is professionally used by the bartenders to prepare the cocktails without any delay. Hawthorne shaker is mainly made for Boston shakers as other strainers are not compatible with it.

A julep strainer is like a big spoon with some perforations. Julep strainer is not as efficient as hawthorne. Furthermore, this strainer is used to strain drinks from a mixing glass. 

A fine mesh strainer is used for double straining the cocktail. It comes in a conical shape makes it easier to set on the glass without holding. For double straining, filter the cocktail from the hawthorne strainer and pass through the fine mesh to collect any minute elements from the drink. 

Single piece or a set

In our article, we have mentioned the strainers as individual and package. If you need just one of the three types of cocktail strainers then you should opt for one. If are new to the field or want to buy a complete set for your use at home, it is better to choose a set of strainers. 

Raised lip

Not all hawthorne strainers have raised lips. Raised lips help to keep the strainer stable on the mixing tin. Different hawthorne has raised lips in a different style which also helps to prevent dripping the cocktail while pouring. 

Finger rest and handles

The hawthorne strainer is generally designed with finger rest. The finger rest allows the bartender to support the finger while they pour the drink. Working and straining all night long will bring tiredness to your fingers but a finger rest will help with the fatigue.

Moreover, the julep and the fine mesh strainers have a long handle, which is held while using them. The handles need to be comfortable and ergonomic designed to get the grip of the strainer.  


Most of the strainers are made of stainless steel which makes them durable. They are safe to wash in the dishwasher. But read the instruction before popping them in the dishwasher as all brands do not recommend the same cleaning process. 


When to use hawthorne strainer and julep strainer?

Hawthorne strainer is used to strain from a shaken drink where julep strainer is used for stirred drinks. Moreover, it is also said that the hawthorne strainer is good for straining from mixing tin and julep strainer for a glass. 

How to hold a hawthorne strainer?

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How to hold a julep strainer?

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How should I double strain my cocktail?

The video will guide you to double strain your cocktail.

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Between hawthorne and julep strainers, which one is more efficient?

Hawthorne strainer is the most used strainer in bars and cocktail parties.

Between hawthorne and julep strainers, which one is more efficient?

Hawthorne strainer is the most used strainer in bars and cocktail parties.


Making and mixing cocktails is an art and strainers help to filter the seeds or pulps from the drink. In the end, you can enjoy a smooth drink by the bartenders and they have made using the strainers. All three types of strainers are widely used in the bars. You need to be aware of which strainer brings efficiency in which type of drink. 

Furthermore, you need to make sure the handles are ergonomic or comfortable for your grip. The best cocktail strainer should be able to strain perfectly and fast pour the drink without causing any hassle or spilling on the counter. We hope, our article will help you choose the right strainer so that you can enjoy drinking or preparing the drink.

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