The 15 Best Cigar Humidors For Long Lasting Aromatic Cigars

Cigars are expensive and they need to be stored in a cool place. Nowadays, cigar humidors are used widely to stock cigars. Cigars are nicotine wrapped in leaf tobacco. For that, too much moisture can ruin the flavor of the cigars. 

Moreover, depending on the frequency of smoking cigars, you need to choose the best cigar humidor. Travel-friendly and storage-friendly cigar humidors are available, from which you can choose the one you need. However, wooden and stainless steel cigar humidors are available and both of them give a different aesthetic view.

List of The 15 Best Cigar Humidors

1. Mantello Cigars Humidifier 

Mantello Cigars Humidifier


The cigar humidor is constructed with rosewood with a fine finish. The glass top allows a view of the cigars from the top. At the front, a hygrometer is added to notify the humidity level inside the box and keeps the cigars fresh. Also, the sealed construction does not allow moisture to enter the box.

Ample space

The cigar box is designed to accommodate 25 to 50 cigars at a time. The cigars are separated with a divider. You can remove the divider if you want. However, the ring size will differ in the accommodation of the cigars. 

Durable construction 

The box is handcrafted with rosewood and tempered glass is used on top. The glass won't break due to slight collisions. But the brand does not guarantee that the glass won't break if it falls on a hard surface. The bottom is lined with scratch resistance to protect the design of the box. It has gold-plated hinges to enhance the look of the cigar box.  

Lock and key

This cigar humidor does not have a section for key and lock. The humidor is easily accessible to people. Due to sealed construction, the humidity won't enter but anyone can open and take a cigar from the box without your knowledge.

2. XIFEI Acrylic Humidor 

XIFEI Acrylic Humidor

Construction material

This humidor from Xifei is made with acrylic, a plastic with sturdiness. Everything is visible through the jar. The humidor won't break apart easily and keep the cigars safe for a long time. A cedar wood lining on the jar gives an aesthetic look on the jar. 


This humidor comes as a jar. 18 cigars can be vertically kept inside the humidor. Depending on the sizes of the cigars, the numbers can vary. It comes in a very simple design and cigars are easy to put refill on the humidor. 

Seal and lock

The humidor has a rubber seal to prevent moisture from entering the humidor. Also, the lock will hold the lid tightly sealed to protect the aromas of the cigars. 

Other accessories

On the lid of the humidor, a hygrometer is attached to show the humidity inside the jar. A humidifier and a dropper also come with the jar so that you do not have to buy the other tools.

3. Case Elegance Cigars Humidifier 

Case Elegance Cigars Humidifier

Digital hygrometer

This premium cigar humidor has a digital hygrometer that gives an accurate reading to you.  The hygrometer is installed in the front to give easy visibility to the people. You need to carefully maintain it, as it can be hard to replace once damaged. 

Number of cigars

Different types of cigars have different dimensions. According to the diameter of the cigars, the number will vary. The humidor can accommodate 34 to 38 Robusto, 26 to 30 Toro, and 46 to 50 Corona cigars.  


The humidor is designed like a small set of drawers that you can carry with you. The top shield is for the cigars and on the bottom shelf, you can store accessories like small knives, lighter, etc. The top of the humidor has real glass that can crack if mishandled. A humidor is constructed with cedar and has a rich walnut finish. 

Interior of the humidor box

Inside the humidor, you will get one hydro stick, a wooden tray cover, and a hydro tray. A hydro tray is placed below the wood tray to place the cigars on it. It has magnets on the edges to magnetically seal the humidor box. A humidifying gel is given to keep the cigars perfectly seasoned.

4. Scotte Cigar humidor 

Scotte Cigar humidor

Leather construction

The cigar humidor from Scotte is designed with premium quality leather. It is in black and gives an eye-catching look to the humidor. 12 to 16 cigars depending on the dimension can easily be stored and carried on this leather humidor. 

Portable humidor box

As it can only accommodate 12 to 16 cigars, it can be taken to gatherings with very few people. The humidor comes in a portable design and appears to match all kinds of dressing styles. The quality leather is durable and won't wear off easily. 

Humidity reading

At the top of the lid, a hygrometer is added to inform the current humidity inside the box. 1 humidor is given with the box. The box comes in brown leather as well with the capacity and contents. 

5. Prestige Import Group Acrylic Humidor 

Prestige Import Group Acrylic Humidor

Airtight closure

For maintaining the flavors and texture of the cigars, this humidor comes with a rubber gasket lid and a clasp closure.  This seal ensures that no air can pass through the jar and prevents air from entering. 

Construction of the jar

This is a humidor made with acrylic. 25 cigars can be easily accommodated on this transparent jar. It has a lining of Spanish cedar at the bottom of the jar. The height of the jar is 9 inches which is suitable for Perfectos cigars. 

Travel-friendly humidor box

If you are planning for a small trip, you can use this humidor to carry a small number of cigars. It is lightweight and can be carried easily in a bag. Moreover, your whole collection of cigars won't be affected by being exposed to air regularly. 


The humidity inside the cigar boxes is checked with a hygrometer. However, this cigar humidor does not have a hydrometer. As a result, you cannot get the humidity reading. In this case, it is better not to use this jar for storing the cigars for longer.

6. Pardo Cigar Travel Humidor Case 

Pardo Cigar Travel Humidor Case

The capacity of the case

The humidor case is a mini version of regular cigar humidors. It can carry only 5 cigars that are 8 inches long.  For larger rings like 60+, only 4 cigars can be carried and as the ring gets smaller, the number of cigars increases. 

Humidifier disc

To keep the cigars dry and fresh, the box is built with a humidifier disc which is placed on top of cigars. The disc is attached to the lid to cushion the cigars and prevent them from breaking. 

Locking clasps

The cigar humidor case has two clasps to keep the air and water out of the interior. Even if you are traveling in a wet area, the cigars won't get damaged as the case will be sealed completely. 

Handy cigar box

The dimension of the cigar case is 8.80 x 5.2 x 2.1 inches which are quite handy to travel around. It has a string handle to carry on your wrist and prevent misplacing it. The foam on the inside is removable which can be taken out for cleaning. 

7. DUCIHBA Humidor Case 

DUCIHBA Humidor Case

Constructing elements

The humidor case for the cigars is manufactured with authentic Spanish cedar with a Sapele cherry finish. The cedar wood gives a pleasant aroma to the interior of the box and the exterior is polished to give a great outlook.

Airtight seal

As you open the humidor case, you will see hinges made of antique copper. On the edges, you can see the black strip embellishment. All this construction refrains air from entering. It does have claps or locks to lock the cigar box.

Tempered glass and hygrometer

The lid of the cigar box is modeled with tempered glass. The glass gives the view of the cigars and adds an artistic look. A hygrometer gives the reading of the humidity inside the box and helps the filing humidifier to remove the moisture from the interior. 

8. Whynter Cigar Cooler Humidor 

Whynter Cigar Cooler Humidor

Giant humidor

This humidor from Whynter comes in 20 (L) x 13.5 (B) Wide x 18 (H) inches. It has three drawers where you can store more than 250 cigars effortlessly. It is made of stainless steel and the front door is built with glass to give the interior view. The drawers are made of Spanish cedar wood to prevent building moisture. 

Interior function

This humidor has various functions. To begin with this humidor aids in maintaining the humidity range from 62% to 75% to age the cigars inside it. It also has a humidification tray and a hygrometer to monitor the live humidity range of the cigars. The adjustable thermostat lets you control the internal temperature. The temperature will be viewed on the LCD that is attached at the front. 

Cooling cigar humidor 

As mentioned, the temperature inside the humidor can be controlled and for cooled space, fan-forced circulation is used. The interior will be cooled without any vibration and a thermoelectric cooling process is used.

9. MEGACRA Cigar Humidor 

MEGACRA Cigar Humidor

Manufacturing products

This is a cigar leather box made from elegant PU leather. It has a cedar lining that gives a luxurious appearance. The cigar humidor is entirely handmade and constructed with care. 

Structure of the box

The humidor can hold 25 to 50 cigars based on the rings. On the interior, the dimension is 9.25 X 7.87 X 3.15 inches. A humidifier is added at the lid on the interior portion. You will find a tray and adjustable divider to stack your cigars in it. 

Maintaining the cigars

For maintaining the flavors of the cigars, a hygrometer and humidifier is attached just above the cigars. The classic design hygrometer gives the real time reading of the humidity. However, you have to always open the box to see the level of humidity as it has no LCD to  view the range.


The humidifier that comes with the cigar box controls the interior relative humidity. Before setting the humidifier inside the box, place the humidifier half way through in a bowl of water. Leave the humidifier for 3 minutes and then wipe off the excess water before installing inside the humidor.

10. Case Elegance Cigar Humidor 

Case Elegance Cigar Humidor

Construction details

Using the Spanish cedar wood and ending with a posh black piano finish, an octagon-shaped cigar humidor is built. It has a shiny glass top which gives the view of the cigars. 

Interior accessories

As you open the humidor, you will find a removable storage tray for the cigars, a wooden hydro tray, hydro tray with gel solution. A humidor bottle is given with the package to balance the humidity inside the humidor. 

Monitoring humidity 

A digital hygrometer is attached to the cigar humidor so that you can get the current reading displayed on the LCD. The display screen is customized into an octagon shape to match the shape of the humidor. 


The cigar humidor is surrounded and embedded by magnets. It does not have a clasp and lock for closure. Instead, magnetism works better for sealing as well making it airtight. On the side, it has a handle to carry the humidor with elegance. 

Additional features

The whole hygrometer has two portions. On one portion, the cigars are kept. At the base, there is a drawer to keep other accessories like key rings, watch lighter, etc.

11. XIFEI Cigar Humidor 

XIFEI Cigar Humidor


The cigar humidor is built with Spanish cedar wood and half glass on the lip. The wooden finish gives a pleasant view. Magnets are used to ensure the sealing function of the cigar humidor. The wooden fragrance retains the freshness and flavors of the cigars. 

The humidor has two separate storage drawers. The drawers have handles to individually open and store your necessary objects.  

Humidifier and LCD reading

an advanced and high-precision hygrometer is added to the humidor. The reading is viewed on the LCD and aids in monitoring the humidity in different seasons.

The humidifier is added to the other half of the lid. It is prepared with velcro. All you need to do is use distilled water to keep the relative humidity between 65% to 75%. 

Number of cigars

Depending on the type of cigars you smoke, you can at least keep 50 cigars on the humidor. All the cigars can be kept for aging without changing the original flavors.

12. Quality Importers Cigar Humidor 

Quality Importers Cigar Humidor

Quantity of cigars

This cigar humidor has the capacity of holding around 100 cigars easily. If you go for a world tour, you can carry it with you to various places. It has a divider to keep the cigars separated from one another. As a result, you can carry different types of cigars without mixing them with each other. 

Installed hygrometer and humidifier

The humidifier and hygrometer are added to the lid at the bottom. As a result, they come in close contact with the cigars and read the relative humidity of the interior. 

Gold plated lock and key

For closures, it has a lock and key to keep your cigars safe. The key comes with a tassel so that it does not get lost. It has hinges on the corners to make the box airtight.

13. Kendal Cigar Humidor 

Kendal Cigar Humidor

Premium wooden humidor

This humidor from Kendal Cigar is engineered with premium pine to remove the extra moisture and keep the cigars flavorful. The tray has a divider and the entire cigar humidor has a mahogany finish to keep the cigars aromatic. 

Accessories of the humidor 

At the base of the humidor, two removable division bars are given. On that, the removable tray can be placed. On both portions, you can keep your cigars. The humidifier is kept at the base to keep cigars intact. A cigar cutter, double-sided foam tape, and a dropper are given with the humidor. 

14. Woodronic Cigar Humidor 

Woodronic Cigar Humidor

Electronic Hygrometer

To get the best experience of the cigars, an electronic hydrometer supports monitoring the humidity. The hygrometer is attached internally and the reading is shown on the LCD. you don't have to open the humidor to see the reading like the analog hygrometer. 

Addons with the humidor

The humidor not only comes storing the cigars. The brand provides a cigar ashtray grained from ebony, a stainless steel double guillotine cutter, and a water dropper. All these tools will make the smoking experience better and help in maintaining the flavor of the cigars.  

Recyclable materials

The cigar humidors are made of Cedar wood for an enchanting appearance. All the woods used in the production are recycled woods and are certified by FSC. Woodronic is focusing on protecting the environment and sustaining the future.

15. Cigar Caddy Humidor 

Cigar Caddy Humidor


The cigar humidor is designed for traveling. It has space for 40 cigars. The lid has a humidifier attached to it to protect the cigars. It has customized foam to protect the cigars from breaking or molding. This plastic travel cigar box can survive temperatures from 10 Fahrenheit to 175 Fahrenheit. 


Plastic is used in manufacturing the cigar humidor. It is made of waterproof plastic and prevents water from getting inside. The waterproof characteristic works to 100 feet deep inside the water. The airtight seal won't let the water inside the humidor. 

Closure system

The cigar humidor comes with 2 locking clasp to keep the cigars safe inside. The clasps can be removed and replaced easily. It has stainless steel hinges to provide protection to cigars.

Comparison Chart of The Best Cigar Humidors

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Cigar Humidor 

Have you found a humidor to keep your cigars safe and fresh? If not you need to find a cigar humidor with all those features that aid in keeping the cigars aromatic and prevent the development of mold while it is aging inside the humidor.

The capacity of the cigar humidor

Are you a cigar seller or cigar smoker? The sellers will usually keep the cigars safe and let them age for some time. For storing them, they need a certain humidity so that the cigars don't get too wet or too dry for crushing. 

We have mentioned cigar humidors that can hold 5 cigars as well as 100 cigars. You cannot over-stash the cigars as they will break. Moreover, the cigars will take up space according to their size. Presidente cigars have 52 to 60 ring gauges and are 7 to 8.5 inches long. Gigante cigars are greater than 60 ring gauges with a length of 6 inches.  

The smallest ring gauge is of Panatela which is between 34 to 38 and the length varies from 5.5 to 6.5 inches. There are more types of cigars found in the world. Depending on the cigars you prefer, the accommodation of the cigars can vary. 

Installed area of hygrometer

To keep the cigar in perfect condition a hygrometer is attached inside the humidor. Hydrometer finds the relative humidity inside the humidor and tells if the interior environment needs to be changed or not. 

There are analog and digital hygrometers found in the market. To give an appalling look, analog hygrometers are added. Digital hygrometers give an accurate reading and many brands have started using digital ones. 

However, the cigar humidor that is only for short does not add a hygrometer. Some acrylic and plastic cigar humidors do not have a hygrometer. So check before opting to buy a cigar humidor. 

Readings of relative humidity  

The reading of relative humidity is read from the hygrometer. For this, a hygrometer should be attached on the outside, especially the analog ones. Humidity range can be read from an analog hygrometer by reading the hands in it. Some of the analog hygrometers are attached to the inside of the humidor. To see the reading, you have to open the box after every few days. 

However, LCDs come with digital hygrometers. The readings are viewed on the monitor and you can monitor without opening the humidor.

The material used in production

The cigar humidors are mostly made of Spanish cedar wood. Cedar woods are used to hold the moisture inside the humidor and protect the cigars from being crushed into ashes. This wood also resists molds and prevents bugs from damaging the leaf of the cigars. Not only that, but cedar wood also adds a pleasant aroma inside the humidor. 

For storage or travel?

In our article, you will see we have mentioned the capacity of each cigar humidor. Some humidors come in large dimensions like a locker where others are easy to carry. If you are a cigar collector, then you need to have a locker-style cigar humidor to keep all your cigars in good shape. 

Nicotine wrapped in a tea leaf structures the cigars. Keep in mind that cigars come in various sizes. For storage, you need to have a well-structured humidor that notifies you of the relative humidity in real-time without opening the humidor for checking. 

For travel, there is an acrylic jar style cigar humidor that intakes 5 to 6 cigars. A wooden cigar humidor is also available which can be heavy from the acrylic jars. For traveling, the humidors with a capacity of 25 to 30 cigars are enough as you can roam around and buy different flavors of cigars from different countries.  

Airtight seal

The cigar humidor requires an airtight seat because the interior needs to have balanced reactive humidity to keep the cigars in good condition. The wooden cigar humidor has magnets attached to the edges to close the lid tightly as possible. Magnetic closure ensures the airtight characteristic and prevents the moisture from getting or out of the humidor.  

On the other hand, we have mentioned one cigar humidor that has a lock and key. If the keys are lost, you might have to break the humidor to take the cigars out. Hinges are also an essential part of the humidor as they create an even level and provide support to the lids.  

Additional accessories

With the cigar humidor, the brand also sends a cigar lighter, cigar cutter, humidifier, removable trays, dividers, water dropper, etc. cigar humidors are also designed with drawers to keep the small essential object in it. 

If you are looking for a travel cigar humidor, one or two mini drawers in it will help to store things that you need to use while smoking cigars.


How long will the cigars stay fresh in the humidor?

The cigars can last fresh up to 5 years but it depends on how much the cigars have been exposed to humidity.  

What is the ideal humidity for cigars?

The cigars will stay fresh and flavorful between 63 to 70 degrees and 65 to 72% relative humidity.

How to know if my cigars have gone bad?

The cigars should not be too hard or too soft that cannot light it and enjoy. If you are having trouble keeping the cigars lit, the cigar might have gone bad.

Do the cigars become flavorful as they age?

Some types of cigars taste better as time passes by. You need to ask a cigar specialist to find out more details about the taste.


Have you found the right cigar humidor to store your cigars? If yes, first clean and lightly wipe the humidor as the finishing might not have been dried. As your humidor is ready, place the humidifier and the cigars in it and close the lid. 

One thing to keep in mind, that you should not keep the lid open the humidity will flow. The cigar needs to be in the right relative humidity to be in good condition. Descending between a travel-friendly and a big cigar humidor is hard. But you need to focus on whichever you opt for, it should be the best cigar humidor for your cigars.

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