12 Best Camp Griddle That Can Be Your Companion In This Camping Season

On a sweet spring weekend, you may wish to go camping with your friends and loved ones. It feels great to be close to mother nature. However, while camping food preparation becomes a challenge if you don’t bring a camp griddle along. Portable camping griddles come in real handy while you go on camping. You can enjoy the ease of doing barbeque in a serene place surrounded by trees or wherever you wish to go. But which camp griddle should you buy?

When it comes to purchasing a camp griddle, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Blinded by the abundance, people get indecisive about which camp griddle would be best for them. To help you out in such a situation, how about we prepare a list of the best camp griddles for you to choose from? It will certainly help you out while setting out on your next excursion.

List of The 12 Best Camp Griddle

1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle 

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill Griddle

Our top pick for camping griddle is the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle. It is the perfect griddle that you can use both at home and while camping, without having any issues.

Insanely Durable

This is a cast iron griddle. If you are not familiar with cast iron, let us tell you that it is extremely durable. If taken care of properly, this griddle can survive many decades and even centuries. That is how tough it is.

This cast iron griddle comes with handles on horizontal sides which are very helpful in camping situations. Moreover, this griddle comes pre-seasoned; so, you don’t have to worry about seasoning it before use. 

Reversible and Versatile

This reversible portable griddle has a flat side and a ridged side, making it a griddle and a cast iron grill pan in one. This griddle is unique in that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Its versatility allows you to take it camping and then use it on your stovetop for everyday cooking. On this griddle, you may sauté, sear, fry, bake, grill, and stir fry to your heart's pleasure.

Ultimate Portability and Ease

This cast iron griddle is easily portable. You can take it anywhere you go camping. It weighs only 13.5 pounds and you can use it on almost all cooking surfaces including grills and campfires.

It may also be used in the oven and works with a variety of cooktops, including electric coil, electric smooth top, gas, and induction. However, as it is a cast iron griddle, you may need to re-season it occasionally.

2. Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top  Gas Grill Griddle 

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The Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top  Gas Grill Griddle comes second on our list. This griddle is a complete grill station that can easily replace your editing one if you have any.

Culinary Magic

With a flat top grilling space of 470 square inches and an alloy steel structure, this griddle is perfect for preparing any meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A bottom shelf with two side shelves are also included for food storage and preparation.

On this griddle, you can prepare eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese, steak, potatoes, Teppanyaki-style dishes, and more. You can also grill and barbeque on this griddle without any kind of hassle.

Easy Assemble and Usage

You will be cooking in no time with this griddle because it's simple to use and put together. This griddle has a battery-powered push-button ignition that eliminates the inconvenience of kerosene, charcoal, and matches.

It takes the worry out of outdoor cooking and guarantees a great outdoor cooking experience. Furthermore, if you are not pleased with the product, you can contact Blackstone directly or return it at any time.

Zero Transportation Hassle

The griddle features portability due to being lightweight-all hail to the removable griddle top, foldable legs, and professional quality caster wheels. The wheels facilitate easy to maneuver and help you move it around your yard or carry it to the campsite. 

Despite being almost a full-blown grill station, it easily fits into the storage space of a regular size car, allowing you to carry it along with you almost anywhere. Overall, it is an excellent camping griddle.

3. Blackstone 1666 Tabletop Griddle 

Blackstone 1666 Tabletop Griddle

Looking for a more portable Blackstone griddle? Then the Blackstone 1666 Tabletop Griddle may be just the perfect griddle for you. It is very compact and features a 22.5 x 19 inches alloy steel surface area.

Convenience At Peak

This Blackstone griddle is so compact that you can easily transport it by hand. You can carry this lightweight and versatile flat top griddle with you everywhere, whether you're cooking in your garden or out in nature.

You may take it with you to a BBQ, tailgating, fishing, pool parties, and more thanks to its small size. It is very convenient to carry around and can prepare almost everything that you expect from a camping griddle.

Powerful "H" Shaped Burners

Two "H" shape burners power this heavy-duty griddle, ensuring maximum heat dispersion and uniform cooking. Both burners have built-in igniters and are separately operated, allowing you to cook food at various temperatures.

This portable griddle comes equipped with everything you'll need to simultaneously prepare a buffet of eggs, crunchy hash browns, crispy bacon, and fluffy pancakes.

State-of-art Grease Management

Cleaning up might be time-consuming if you intend on frying bacon or other juicy meats. However, this Blackstone 1666 flat griddle has a grease trap in the back that gathers all the gunk and makes clean-up a snap after cooking. 

So, you won’t need to worry much about the cleaning process. It makes your camping experience a lot better considering how tedious cleaning up a camping griddle can be. The convenience that it offers is unlike others.

4. Royal Gourmet PD1300 Propane Gas Grill Griddle 

Royal Gourmet PD1300 Propane Gas Grill Griddle

Up next on our list is the Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle. It is a step up in terms of burner count from our previous pick, the Blackstone 1666 Griddle.

Smooth Build and Ignition

The ceramic enamel cooktop of this griddle adds a touch of elegance to the camping experience. It features three burners, so there's plenty of room for many people to cook different things at the same time.

It includes a tough stainless steel control panel with a piezo ignition technology that allows it to keep cooking power and quickly achieve equal heat distribution. Overall, decent build and smooth ignition.

Advanced Oil Disposal

The detachable oil cup of the Royal Gourmet PD1300 Griddle gathers grease residue during cooking, making cleanup a breeze. Only water, soap, and a few paper towels are needed to clean the ceramic enamel surface.

If you are a health-conscious camper, you will be highly impressed by its grease collector. It saves you from unnecessary grease and oil which is a great addition to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Perfect Size for Camping

Despite being a three-burner camp griddle, it has a dimension of 25 x 18.1 x 9.1 inches which is quite compact. Coming at only 30 pounds, it is not that heavy either compared to other griddles in this list.

It comes with a regulator for a 20-pound gas tank. Its tiny size makes it ideal for camping, trekking, and other outdoor activities.

5. Blackstone 22" Tabletop Grill without Hood 

Blackstone 22 Tabletop Grill without Hood

Yet another Blackstone griddle in our top five! This Blackstone 22" Tabletop Grill without Hood has many similarities with the Blackstone 1666 Camp Griddle that we have featured earlier in this list.

Dual Burner for Optimum Heat

Blackstone specializes in their advanced “H” shaped burners and this griddle has two of them. It provides the griddle perfect heat making the preparation of food on busy camping days very fun and easy.

The burners feature built-in ignition, so there’s no hassle of carrying a source of the fire. It can handle everything from pancakes, hash browns to steaks without any major trouble.

Heavy-Duty Surface for Cooking

With a stainless steel construction and cold-rolled steel griddle top, this tabletop grill works like charm in terms of cooking. The 339 square inches surface and up to 24, 000 BTUs of heat is a perfect combination.

Along with such a cooking surface, it has a convenient grease management system that makes cleaning the griddle a lot easier. 

Compact in Nature

This griddle weighs only 32 pounds and has a dimension of 26 x 9 x 22 inches, making it easy to carry. It uses either a 1 pound propane bottle or a 20 pound propane tank with the bulk tank hose adapter attachment.

You can take this little flat top griddle with you everywhere you go, whether you're cooking in your backyard or the woods.

6. PIT BOSS PB336GS 2 Burner Table Top LP Gas Griddle 

PIT BOSS PB336GS 2 Burner Table Top LP Gas Griddle

Coming in sixth on our list is the PIT BOSS PB336GS 2 Burner Table Top LP Gas Griddle. It is a portable stand-up camping griddle that has 289 square inches of cooking surface.

Thick Cast Iron Top

The body of the camping griddle is constructed with high-quality stainless steel. On top of that, it features a cast iron griddle sheet that measures 4.7 mm in terms of thickness. It comes pre-seasoned out of the box.

Cast iron griddle tops usually survive for ages. It is a tough and durable material that is not prone to breaking or falling apart if maintained correctly. However, these types of griddle tops need re-seasoning every once in a while.

Modern Style Burner

It features two top-grade modern burners that can provide enough heat to get your food preparation done while you are in the woods. These burners provide adequate flame and the griddle heats up evenly across the surface.

The burners come with an easy push and turn ignition system. It runs on propane gas, so you would have to carry a small cylinder of gas along with you when you go camping.

A Recommendable Alternative

It is a high-quality camping griddle that can be recommended to anybody and everybody. Small features such as non-slip legs, portable size, and less weight make it an ideal alternative to the top camping griddles.

7. Blackstone 1984 Original 36 Inch Griddle Grill Station 

Blackstone 1984 Original 36 Inch Griddle Grill Station

When it comes to camping griddle, Blackstone owns the game. So, here we are featuring yet another Blackstone griddle. It is the model 1984 Original 36 Inch Griddle Grill Station which is much grander in scale than others on the list.

Massive Surface for Batch Cooking

When we are saying it’s grand, we weren’t kidding. This camping griddle has a surface area of 768 square inches which is almost double of the griddles we have covered so far. This griddle is ideal for batch cooking.

If you are going on a camping trip with quite some people, this griddle can come in real handy as you can take care of the food preparation in one go. It may take a hit in portability but covers up while batch cooking is essential.

Organizing is the Key

The camp stove griddle has two prep stations for dicing veggies and seasoning burger patties, as well as a front shelf with a magnetic strip to keep your griddling equipment handy.

It also comes with a placeholder where you can put your propane cylinder and keep it organized and elegant. Blackstone has put quite some effort in terms of ensuring that you can stay organized even though the griddle itself is large.

Four High Flame Burners

This Blackstone griddle has four burners for even heat distribution and consistently outstanding results. Each burner can be operated independently, so you have full control over it.

This functionality of the griddle allows you to cook the bacon slowly on one side while making pancakes fast on the other. So, you can distribute your work across the cooking surface and set your cooking priority.

8. Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle 

Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle

With only 285 square inches of cooking surface, the Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle is one of the smallest camping griddles that we have on today’s list. 

Stainless Steel Burners

The entirety of the Cuisinart CGG-501 griddle is made of alloy steel. This trend goes on to the burners as well. It has two stainless steel burners that combine to produce 20,000 BTUs and a twist-to-start ignition system.

The burners are high-quality and get the grilling job done very easily. It spreads the heat evenly across the cooking surface. The compact size of the griddle restricts it from preparing multiple things at once. 

Fast and Easy Setup

The griddle comes pre-assembled out of the box. It requires little to no assembly and can be set up and ready to grill in less than 10 minutes without the use of any equipment. Even the gas hose comes built-in.

The built-in hose connects to a 20-pound LP tank, allowing you to cook for longer periods and more effectively. It is quite a handy little tool that every camper needs while they are in the woods.

Portable Design

The griddle is 19.5 x 20 x 9 inches in size. The grill is lightweight at 30 pounds, making it great for decks, patios, and balconies, as well as camping, tailgating, and other outdoor activities.

If you prefer a compact griddle just to get the job done peacefully, this can be a great pick for you as there’s almost zero hassle.

9. Cuisinart Flat Top Propane CGG-0028 28" Two Burner Gas Griddle 

Cuisinart Flat Top Propane CGG-0028 28 Two Burner Gas Griddle

After one, comes another Cuisinart griddle. This time it is the Cuisinart Flat Top Professional Quality Propane CGG-0028 28" Two Burner Gas Griddle. This is a large-scale camp griddle, perfect for group camping.

A Large Canvas

Similar to the Blackstone 1984 Original, this griddle has quite some cooking space to work with. The griddle surface is measured at 644 square inches that can easily take care of food preparation for a group while camping.

The body of the griddle is made from alloy steel and the griddle top features cold-rolled steel. It is equipped with two high-quality modern burners that are enough to heat the cooking top evenly.

Folding Design

For easier portability, the griddle features a folding design. This mechanism makes the size of the griddle very compact and easily transportable. Despite its large cooking surface, it folds down to a smaller scale.

It also comes with two wheels. These wheels and the handle make it simple to transfer the griddle to your desired location without causing any major headache. It is very convenient.

Dual Grease Management

For convenient grease management, the griddle comes with two grease containers that can be accessed from the front. Simply direct the grease towards the direction of the cups, then remove and clean.

This mechanism keeps the junk away and makes it very easy to clean. Moreover, getting rid of excessive grease means the griddle remains safe and it is healthy to cook on such a cooking top.

10. Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor Gas Griddle 

Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor Gas Griddle

Coming up tenth on our list is the Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor Gas Griddle. It features a top cover lid which we haven’t covered in our today’s list yet. If you like this addition, this may be a good choice for you.

Heavy-duty and Versatile

Constructed from stainless steel, this camp griddle is solid and rigid. The dimensions of the griddle are 43 x 20.47 x 35.55 inches which put it in a large category. It weighs very close to 50 pounds.

It features a rolled steel lid that shields your delicious meals from unexpected, approaching weather while steaming the foods or melting the cheeses. It is a very nice and useful addition to the camp griddle.

Portable and Easy to Clean

The camp griddle uses a special mobile cart design that makes it simple to fold and store. It helps a lot in transporting the griddle from one place to another as they take less space at the folded state.

The griddle specializes in an easy-access grease management system as well, making it very convenient to clean up. The junk goes on to be stored in a concealed cup that can be accessed from the front.

Grill with Efficient Cylinder Hookup

The griddle may be used with a 1-pound propane cylinder or a 20-pound propane tank with an adapter hose that is available separately. As a result, you can switch the cylinders as needed.It's a terrific feature to have while you're camping in the woods or spending summer BBQ barbeque weekends with friends and family.

11. Country Smokers CSGDL0370 Gas Griddle 

Country Smokers CSGDL0370 Gas Griddle

The Horizon Series 2-Burner Portable Gas Griddle from Country Smokers is a stand-alone griddle with a substantial cook coating. It has two individually adjustable burners for easy heat management and different temperature zones.

Adjustable Legs

The camp griddle stands on four legs. These legs are individually adjustable. So, it lets you have the liberty to adjust the camp griddle according to your preferred height profile.

It can also fold down into a much smaller footprint which is an additional advantage to this gas griddle. If you need a height-adjustable camp griddle, this can be your perfect deal.

Solid Build Quality

The grill top is composed of forged steel and may be pre-seasoned for ease of use. It appears to be quite a sturdy build despite weighing only 32 pounds. The construction of the griddle is rigid and impressive.

It is also ready to be hooked up to standard 5- or 20-pound propane tanks. Gassing things up for a day of grilling fun is simple and affordable as a result.

Excellent Price and Portability

The large cook folding and surface design is a terrific value-add for the RV, camping, tailgating, or simply taking your griddle outdoors to barbeque at the playground.

The pricing is even better. It is quite reasonably priced for a griddle of this size and quality. It has impressed us quite a bit with its value for money.

12. Eureka! Gonzo Grill Portable 3-in-1 Camping Stove 

Eureka! Gonzo Grill Portable 3-in-1 Camping Stove

And finally, the last product on our today’s list is the Eureka! Gonzo Grill Portable 3-in-1 Camping Stove. It is certainly the most polarizing design out of the bunch on our list.

Cast Iron Construction

The camp griddle comes with a changeable cast-iron cook surface that can be switched to a griddle or a grill. It has a superior build quality as cast iron tools are well-known to be able to survive for decades or even centuries.

When the cast iron is removed, the recessed stove grate enables for boiling water and sautéing vegetables. So, it has quite an innovative and all-in-one design language to it.

Easy to Clean

The ease of cleaning this camp griddle is incredible. The whole griddle is assembled into a single part in such a creative way that it allows the griddle to be easily disassembled if necessary.

Also, the drip tray is dishwasher-safe and comes with a vented steel top, making it the easiest camp barbecue system to clean.


Eurekamost !'s versatile small cook system is featured on this griddle. This system allows it to be used as a grill, griddle, or stove; all in one convenient container.

It also has a simmer control valve system. With each turn of the dial, this simmer control valve system produces a precise, steady cooking flame. The unique features make the griddle versatile and multi-purpose.

Comparison Chart of The Best Camp Griddle

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/GriddleCast Iron20 x 10.5 x 0.81 inches13.5 pounds
Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill GriddleAlloy Steel44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches69 pounds
Blackstone 1666 Tabletop GriddleAlloy Steel22.5 x 19 x 9 inches32 pounds
Royal Gourmet PD1300 Propane Gas Grill GriddleStainless Steel25 x 18.1 x 9.1 inches30 pounds
Blackstone 22" Tabletop Grill without HoodStainless Steel26 x 9 x 22 inches32 pounds
PIT BOSS PB336GS 2 Burner Table Top LP Gas GriddleStainless Steel, Cast Iron20.47 x 17.32 x 10.83 inches27 pounds
Blackstone 1984 Original 36 Inch Griddle Grill Station62.5 x 22 x 36 inches130.7 pounds
Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas GriddleAlloy Steel21 x 20.5 x 9 inches30
Cuisinart Flat Top Propane CGG-0028 28" Two Burner Gas GriddleAlloy Steel40 x 28 x 32 inches50 pounds
Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor Gas GriddleStainless Steel43 x 20.47 x 35.55 inches49.6 pounds
Country Smokers CSGDL0370 Gas GriddleStainless Steel30.39 x 20.96 x 31.31 inches31.9 pounds
Eureka! Gonzo Grill Portable 3-in-1 Camping StoveCast Iron14.5 x 13.75 x 11 inches14.2 pounds

A camp griddle adds quite a lot of value to your camping trip. It makes life a lot easier for you in the woods. So, if you are serious about camping and want to invest a bit to make it memorable, consider purchasing a camp griddle.

However, there are a lot of options to choose from. So, it becomes tough to choose the perfect one without having prior knowledge about it.

So, in this section, we will talk about some of the important things that you must consider while choosing the best camp griddle for you.

Build Material and Quality

In the market of the camp griddles, you would find griddles made of different types of metal. However, the build materials that we prefer are aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron.

These materials have a higher structural rigidity and heat conductivity which other metals may not be able to match. Along with material choice, make sure you inspect the quality of the metal. This is equally important to ensure.

Design and Features

Design is a major factor to consider if you are trying to accomplish a certain task. You can’t use a camp griddle happily if it features a design that doesn’t align with your objective.

Also, choosing a griddle with unique, innovative, and effective features is important. These features make your job a lot easier and elevate your camp barbeque experience.

Size and Transportability

Depending on the size of the group you are going on a camp with, your size requirement for cample griddle may vary. Always keep this factor in mind as you choose a griddle to take out on camping.

Along with the size, you have to keep transportability in mind too. You have to choose a portable griddle; so that you can bring it along with you to the camp. You have to balance between size and portability while making the choice.

Ease of Cleaning

Hygiene is important. It doesn’t matter whether you are at your house or camping in the woods. You must always consider cleaning. So, it is clever to choose a camp griddle that you can disassemble very easily.

If you plan to clean it up at home in the dishwasher, check the manual carefully if it is dishwasher-safe or not. Cleaning can be a tedious part in these circumstances. So, ease of cleaning must be a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Do cast iron griddles rust?

Answer: Yes. If not maintained properly, cast iron griddles may show signs of rusting. However, if you season the griddle with oil occasionally, it can last a very long time. If maintained properly, it can last for centuries.

Q2. Can I use a griddle on a camping stove? 

Answer: Yes, you can. Just not that, it is advised that you use a griddle on a camping stove. A griddle utilizes the heat of the burners properly and enhances the quality of your cooking. It is also energy efficient to use a griddle.

Q3. Stainless steel or cast iron, which is better?

Answer: There is no conclusive answer to this question. Each has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. However, cast iron griddles require occasional maintenance whereas stainless steel doesn’t.

Wrap Up!

Going camping is a healthy hobby. It lets you understand the depth of nature as well as spend quality time with friends and family. Camping becomes more enjoyable when you can have good food together.

For this reason, choosing the best camp griddle for you is so important. Understanding how tough the choice may appear to be, we made this recommendation list for you.

You can’t go wrong with any of the camp griddles that made it into this list. So, choose one according to your preference and go camping!

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